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#1571013 INSMNCS: Bird.

Posted by I'm BLUE on 21 June 2018 - 04:58 PM

Really sorry to hear paradime

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Posted by I'm BLUE on 03 May 2018 - 07:25 PM

I hate the LED lights on the newer cars & trucks -
WHY to they need to be that bright?
Same with DRL's - they should be no brighter than low beams.
And of course,the IDIOTS that need to have their driving lights on ALL
the time.I guess they can see better in the daytime.
I remember when only true enthusiasts used them (driving lights).
They would turn them off when there was any oncoming traffic.

Curious, How is one being an "IDIOT" for having headlights on all of the time whilst driving ?

Im definetly stating i don't agree....with all light choices or designs myself.

The company that made my truck decided to use a color spectrum that looks a bit brighter than they are since they're an orange/amber color. Cant turn them off. Well....since my DRL's are also my turn signals.....

once more they sent my truck to the dealership w/ stock halogen headlights. Yet , Again...i couldnt find a design like the high end bmw headlight cut off line to have a similiar product that wouldnt blind everyone but myself doinv anything ax an LED or HID alternative.... so i put a big axe in the idea....i told myself fuck that !! Not doing that.

Lets consider....mountain conditions....fog.....super bright sun....drunk drivers.....medically impaired drivers (mistaken for drunk).....bad drivers......ambulance chasers......rolling hills.....heavy downpour or flash flooding.,...people fighting in cars swerving around....hydroplaning.....a vehicle thats broken down heading info your lane or near you......heavy traffic..... tunnels (especially through hil sides).....SLEEPY drivers.......prius drivers.....flash flooded streets.......people with bad or slow windshield wipers......people on their phones or textinv,,,,....people left glasses at home.....broken off mirrors.....multiple burnt out bulbs......and all of those billions of reasons.....tc efc etc........ there is just too much going on....

Use to drive for a living to get through undergraduate. I have the same principals now as i did then. One accident in 17-years....said accident was as follows.... an 82 year old man mistaken his gas pedal for his brake and went clear up underneath my 25ft dual axle flatbed trailer being towed by an f-350 4xr crew cab long bed at 40mph ! He and his wofe gpt really fucking lucky...

I take pride in using my turn signals. I give as much advance notice , and slow transition as i can. Unfortunately... oregon drivers give no shits and are cool like that. They even are doing a news piece on oregon drivers being so drivers....causing rage in other oregonians tryining to get to point b.

Driving home from the portland expo center....i saw a couple neat hotrods....specifically a 40's coupes hot rods....last time i followed one home at dusk from a show...,i had a harder time seeing him....he had two TINY Bullet LEDS for running/brake/turn signals ...... i had to get within 20ft (slowly stopping behind him) to see if he was tudning or stopping for sure,

^^^ I can also say from experience that a lot of people had a hard timd seeing me....at all time of the day in my yellow 73 240z. Car is just tooo damn small. I was increasing my odds any way i could which included turning on all my lights all t he timd,

I dont believe for a second .....all drivers think alike......

I paid for an eye exam , and found out i had a light sensitivity. Id encourage others to spend the money if they havent for a whike....its worth it.

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Posted by I'm BLUE on 02 May 2018 - 08:31 PM

A Fiber optic strand....outlines my tailights. Not much brighter than stock , but much more tasteful. The brake and turn signals are bright. I had several occasions of cars flying up under my the ass of my truck where I couldn't see them...then almost getting more than two cars in accidents.. (myself included). Didn't matter how fast or slow I was going in any of the situations. Haven't seen any of that since install (same driving habits).

My reverse lights are used for where I live. Lots and lots of trees plus poor street lighting. This makes it easier to see the bobcats eating the cats whilst coming home from work on a late day. We have neighborhood stray kids that literally dont watch for cars , so it helps...and by i mean dont watch for cars or love to play chicken with them on their skateboards or bikes at odd hours of the day. Going out to the woods , camping , shooting , skiing , etc...Other than that , Typically only used twice a day. Both times hardly anyone sees them. Rest of the time is in daylight.

I have astigmatism in both eyes..,one in particular very bad,.,,so yes....I get it (bad light sensitivity). The taillights I purchased bother my eyes very little.,.. quite marginal. I fucking hate people not using their signals all the fucking time as well. Mine are clearly displayed...

It's the POOR MATCH HID and LED...hacked installs..... as well as driving my car down the road fucking mostly wrecked headlights pointing all over the place crowd that comes to more of my mind. Don't group me with them...lol...even though I was trying to install some of the projectors I picked on my 240z....and still I love halos irregardless. I'm not against them , I just wish people would be more fucking mindful of blinding oncoming traffic 400ft away.

My current cheap daily has God's installed from the factory...correctly. I have it

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Posted by I'm BLUE on 02 May 2018 - 07:58 PM

Women/azianz are going to be watching the monitor and not where they are going. think this is going to bring on more accidents.

^^^ updated that quote for ya

....... this could only help some women drivers .....get into accidents faster !

I have a backup camera from le factory on my tundra , but I DO NOT rely on it to be my eyes.....

In addition....I have LED And I taillights with the brighter LED backup bulbs that let people know....it's time to get the fuck out of the way.....

#1561337 FML thread with better title than Insomnia's

Posted by I'm BLUE on 29 April 2018 - 04:29 PM

Yeah I'm Leary of cbd's also. I like the results I see in other people, but not worth risking my job.

Take a look at Gabapentin/Neurontin. Takkes a couple of adjustments to find the level that works for you. May not be a cure , but sure cuts off the edge significantly. I have 0% idea how that relates to your diagnosis or if it even applys.

#1559521 INSMNCS: Bird.

Posted by I'm BLUE on 21 April 2018 - 01:16 PM

Looks like I'm replacing a water pump and timing belt on my vg33 tomorrow. Fuck. I guess I'll replace the seal too. Anything else while I'm in there?

....I replace the tensioner and idlers if they exist as well. Especially if I don’t know the history of the rig.

While you have it off...,you might check alternator bearings and slip a new brush pack on (don’t know mileage). Change out PS fluid to.

#1557132 FML thread with better title than Insomnia's

Posted by I'm BLUE on 10 April 2018 - 05:00 PM

Rub it out and then let her know you can take care of business without her. Otherwise she thinks she has you in the vagina ViseGrips and bargains from a position of strength. There has to be more equality. Withholding sex is not how it should work. One or both of you should start communicating effectively instead of being assholes. Suggest indulging in grudge or hate sex for a while with lots of name calling and swearing, but talk afterwards don't sleep. It's like fighting with pillows or assault with a friendly weapon. What do women want? fucked if I know but if they think they are holding all the cards (sitting on them actually) it's way more difficult to find common ground.
That'll be $0.05



.....wait....name calling and swearing isn't part of the routine ?

#1557042 FML thread with better title than Insomnia's

Posted by I'm BLUE on 10 April 2018 - 08:44 AM

.....Ran out of TP at work.... none to be found within waddling distance....

Hmmmm.... ^^^ #FML or butthurt ?

#1556977 FML thread with better title than Insomnia's

Posted by I'm BLUE on 09 April 2018 - 09:00 PM

You know that 95% of the current population has no idea what you just said....and that is a lil bit of an #fml.

Damn dawg....I'm butthurt...



#1556964 FML thread with better title than Insomnia's

Posted by I'm BLUE on 09 April 2018 - 08:12 PM

Been waiting on a shipment from Tristin for 20years , so guess I'll die first. Kinda wondef if its vanished into smoke. His courier , dwnshfter, decided to pull out all of his wiring before transporting the precious cargo. Luckily , ghettobraden , and his homies offered to drop the shipment off with a rebellious note (hint hint). I think Braden and his crew must of contracted buttlice from wagdatto , but have no fear......there ain't any NOTES to leave about it !..... round here !

Oh well.....guess I'll take a giant JDM510.....whilst I wait......

FML.....unless....the way way back machine is working again ???

Make RATSUN (2009) GREAT AGAIN !!!!

Lame........... don't like .....don't follow.....FUCK YOU NOTES !!!

*plans to data mines and advertise to everyone in thread*


lies......all lies...... fiction yo

#1555366 Cuz Merica

Posted by I'm BLUE on 03 April 2018 - 10:20 AM


Sooooooooo far out there.....................

.................What the $&%# ! (Yes the AR15 is the topic)

I was not there or nor do I know the full details of that event......but seriously !!! ......Enter another persons property unlawfully .... with criminal intent.....what does one expect ??????

If an individual can’t feel safe at home.......where do they feel safe ?

#1554035 INSMNCS: Bird.

Posted by I'm BLUE on 27 March 2018 - 05:43 PM

*You betcha* ! you keep driving full tilt cause those fucking shits are wanting to hijack your car and maybe you.


#1552343 Cuz Merica

Posted by I'm BLUE on 19 March 2018 - 10:30 AM

Yeah they should learn to drive a car or operate an excavator....

Well.... I know of a few farms who have been teaching their children to operate equipment from a young age. I’m not saying it’s always SAFE , but some of the best drivers I know on the road today started out this way at an early age. It’s not for everyone though...

#1550169 guns

Posted by I'm BLUE on 07 March 2018 - 08:09 PM


Sexy ^^^ !!! Love my x's stuff but still haven't shot my xds-9.... NOW....watch sprindfields website.....they will hold promotionals for certain models.... from models pur hased x to x dates/months ....

I got (2) free mags , a bag , holster , and small range bag when I turned in my info. Took about 3-4 weeks to get my free swag...

#1550167 guns

Posted by I'm BLUE on 07 March 2018 - 08:05 PM


Wideners - more for reloading variety

SGAMMO- good place always had good results. They may still have the mil-spec 124gr 9mm available.

Palmettostatearmory- I like BUT you have to be patient for processing and shipping time to the best side....the West side....yo

Targetsportsusa - I buy bulk 22lr

Cabelas - online , will check holiday sales

Sportsmansguide ---- I bought from years ago , but not sure they're aight anymore

Ammoman - is a good one , like said , keep shipping in check...

Palmettostatearmory will advertise a lot of FREE SHIPPING items over the course of the year if willing to wait ! Especially holidays...

Gunbot.net will look up prices per round in a list BUT know it will not track or list every store or be exactly up to date....

I ordered from several smaller outfits for reloading supplies over the years just can't re,ever what they are atm.

If you have light striking primers ... FEDERAL is suppose to be the best.... I personally enjoy Winchester just as much if not MORE .....but will buy either on sale. Not a fan of Remington primers. But will buy their loaded general basic run of the mill cartridges on sale (won't go out of my way to get them). They are good I am just getting picky since I know what I want when reloading.

Finally I would advise .........making sure to stock up on the magnetic or non-magnetic tips of your choosing according to how you plan to target shoot. I do 2/3 target practice outdoors/wilderness , and rest on a private range. Private range does not care....my projectiles are magnetic. My Sig556 likes 62gr-75gr projectiles best. So far it does not like 55gr (40 shots through a nitride barrel carefully cleaned in between , so probably not broken in).

If I sound like a know it all....I don't know shat....lulz