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#1539581 Cuz Merica

Posted by I'm BLUE on 10 January 2018 - 05:34 PM

I apologise for my reaction to troll boy.

Making fun of or purposely offending? Isn't that the same thing? One of my best friends blew his brains out with a shot gun at 18. I'm offended by the suicide aspect also..

It just shows how low we've gone as a country. We've lost our civility. What really pissed me off was the meme didn't even have a purpose in this thread. It was just mean spirited.

Carry on.

So yeah....I’m bipolar .....very bipolar. I laugh at some of the jokes and memes about it on the internet. BUT....when my child is diagnosed with that I see it in a different light (taken much more seriously...) Id be st least pissed of someone made fun of them directly. My nephew and a family member are on the spectrum of autism.

Lolz are the best medicine )with my *disability* as it is categorized). I’ve learned for my own life (not your situation) that I can’t take everything so seriously. If I had a nickel for every bipolar joke I came across....I’d be a billionaire......

So yes...I get it....

It’s hard for me to take offense to most things now though

#1535484 Daily Randomness.........Back to Randomness.....................................

Posted by I'm BLUE on 19 December 2017 - 01:56 PM

VW is trying to say that the mechatronics and clutch are both gone (which apparently is not as likely to happen both at same time) and the dealership have put in a claim but no promises on which way that will go.

Sister also being told it's $7k to go with a 2nd hand gearbox.

She paid $17 k for the car so seems like a pretty fucked up proposition all round.

She's getting this fixed and then they will be going with a Toyota.

I bought a ‘16 tundra brand new...no regrets ! Love my Yota....

My Brother purchased a limited 02’ tundra with 242k on it...drives very well and lots of power.... his trans shifts smoother than mine !
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#1520028 Electric cooling fans - Two pullers or One pusher?

Posted by I'm BLUE on 28 September 2017 - 09:46 AM

For the record , I like the SPAL puller fan I snagged a bit ago (solid shroud that came with).....I do believe it to be a 7" of 7.5" (have to look)

#1519938 Rest In Peace Hugh Hefner

Posted by I'm BLUE on 27 September 2017 - 08:41 PM

Ya, but don't forget what $600 was back then!

I guessed $5,000. Just currency year to year converter says roughly about $5,500.

Used 1950 since idk what year.

#1519295 280z harmonic balancer interchange question

Posted by I'm BLUE on 24 September 2017 - 01:27 PM

'70-'83 would be the L24/26/28z and zx. I thought there was an outer ring sandwiching a rubber sleeve? What are the bolt holes for? extry pulleys?

...... the 2-threaded bolt holes ?......allows for the puller tool to bolt up , and carefully evenly pull off the balancer during disassembly. I'm sure it would have to be the case

#1517889 Cuz Merica

Posted by I'm BLUE on 17 September 2017 - 07:17 PM

Jesus fuck U



#1513518 Cuz Merica

Posted by I'm BLUE on 29 August 2017 - 09:36 PM

Missed a few.

>Trump will never get Paradime's trust or affection
>Trump will never know what it's like to be a minority in his America.
>Trump will never get Mexico to pay for his wall, but he will shut down our government to get us to pay for it.
>Trump will never drain the swamp because it's his natural habitat.
>Trump will never demonstrate his wicked Art of The Deal skills with the senate, congress, or his own party.
>Trump will never make good on his campaign promise to have Hillary locked up :(
>Trump will never have hands or an imaginary dick that are proportional to his megalodon ego.
>Trump will never be up front with his finances because he knows it would end his presidency.
>Trump will never stop Meuller's investigation into his finances.

The End

>Ratsun should needs to investigate paradimes account. The reply above is nearing grammatical perfection. I suspect fatazz NK dictator !!


I kid i kid...... ;)

#1487729 Deceleration popping at exhaust with new MSA Premium exhaust

Posted by I'm BLUE on 11 May 2017 - 12:16 AM

^^^ says the Prius enthusiast.... :P

#1475556 Daily Randomness.........Back to Randomness.....................................

Posted by I'm BLUE on 30 March 2017 - 02:37 AM

I was skeptical of the 10k oil changes too.. but I sent the oil out to a lab and they confirmed, no issues. The oil was well within spec, and contained very low amounts of fuel. They recommended going even further out actually. So now I just change at 10k.

Sounds like you and I think alike. Except for I haven't made the 10k oil change leap just yet. Definitely believe your oil test results and appreciate it Draker. Maybe one day (been doing the 3k oil changes since I was 11 ? So about 20-years until this very point). Never had a new car either until this truck.

Thank you.

The interval on my ISB is 7,500. Before I bought it I usually changed oil ever 3,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first. Except the race car. It gets fresh oil for every race. After getting the Dodge I changed to 5k intervals. Oil is cheap.

That shit is like water, isn't it? Mrs. Racer 2.0 bought a brand new 2013 Corolla. When I looked to see what it took I was floored. Then I bought some and changed the oil. I swear water is more viscous.


Tundra's interval is 10k with 8.9 filled to the eye balls oil capacity. I have always changed my oil at 3k too. Yeah , I like to change it about once year if it sits as well. I myself....have moved to 5k intervals (cut factory 10k recommendation in half) with the Yota (dropped out first oil at 4,800). I may end up stretching it out between changes , but I've been doing it (not too mention the mindset) the old way so long.,,.it would be hard to break. Probably send my own samples out like Draker suggested earlier to feel a bit at ease about it.

0w-20 is definitely like water... I was nervous as hell about using it (despite manufacturer specs) as its the first rig I've owned that's called for it. Very pleased with how well she's done with it so far. Can be harder to see on the dipstick for sure.

Sadly not a manual trans.... interestingly enough a couple people I know work for Toyota. Flatcat said these were good trucks to. Before I bought the truck, they said this generation of 5.7 is a good solid truck/bugs worked out.. Was happy to hear that. I walked into a local tranny shop that is always booked to the eyeballs with work. I've known and trust the owner from several souraces including my own direct experience. I wanted to know how much a tranny fluid swap (not flush or drain/fill) was...he informed me to leave it until needs to be changed or change every 50k (synthetic or semi-synthetic ? Idk) if towing/hauling also.... *if* I choose to do so (good solid common sense no ?)

Then before I asked him how many of these came in for repair or common issues....he walked me around the corner and hit his keyless entry. A 2013 tundra is what he owns and says toyota's rarely come into his shop and the 6spd was definitely a good one. Kinda interesting , but at the end of the day it's just another truck I suppose.

#1475023 Daily Randomness.........Back to Randomness.....................................

Posted by I'm BLUE on 28 March 2017 - 11:40 AM

Compensation for deficiency somewhere else. All that black smoke is wasted fuel.

Bought a Ram 3500 spankin' new in 01. Still has the bone stock 24 valve ISB. NVG 6 speed manual, 6 wheel drive. Has 135,000 miles on it, so far. Never refused when I asked it to work.

Heading for Thunderhill. Truck, camper, trailer, race car, spares, supplies, etc. grossed out at 21,500lbs. Got 16 to 18 mpg in the mountains of Oregon and California. Passed all the real trucks on the grades.


Took it off road in Utah, in February one year.


The day I got it home.


The only difference between then and today is 16 years of patina. I'll never need another pickup.

So sexy ^^^ !

I was originally looking for a Ram cummins 2500 4x4 6spd (used or new). Love those. Didn't work out. Looked for a used tundra until I got my cummins , and those sell like hotcakes at a pretty coin ( again didn't work out even with cash in hand).

Ended up with a new 2016 SR5 4x4 5.7 Tundra. Love it long time. I Use for everything tow , haul , off-road/camp , etc etc etc. Did absolutely positvely....awesome during our snow/ice days in the PNW.

33496174562_b8491e6df3_z.jpgUntitled by 71240z, on Flickr

I still have yet to see this truck use a drop of oil even in the break in period. Very very.... pleased. I plan to change mine more often than the recommended 10k intervals(mostly because I was raised that way as I'm sure it would be fine otherwise). Uses 0w-20 full synthetic. Can use 5w-20 I believe.

6spd trans / 10.5" ring gear (of course.... with a low 4.375 gear ratio)
26882613284_cb926af247_z.jpgimage by 71240z, on Flickr

#1472661 bonvos 77 k5 the big bitch

Posted by I'm BLUE on 20 March 2017 - 08:59 AM

Demon......, !!!!!


Hands down......... but select the right demon that matches your components.

#1471398 Cuz Merica

Posted by I'm BLUE on 15 March 2017 - 08:48 PM

^ one of the reasons I've always refused to work overtime, you have to get a shit ton to actually make more money. I remember younger guys thinking they were hitting paydirt just to get taxed more and bust their asses for nothing.


Thank goodness for my current job. Overtime is secured on the books after 8-hours daily (not cumulative 40+). Double time happens often between March-December. A slow bare bones week is about 52-55 hours during winter (rest of the weeks are generally between 60-70 hours). I have a couple exception rates I get to claim on my payrate at time. It all adds up.

Do I like working my life away ? No.... but my commute is a breeze.... I am a hard worker when I need to be. I guess I don't have a problem working for Double-time until 11am on a required Saturday then getting to have the rest of the weekend to myself as well.

#1450457 Project "MX520" TOP SECRET

Posted by I'm BLUE on 10 January 2017 - 07:42 PM

Apologies in advanced.... any new updates ? :)

#1450446 INSMNCS: Fly Eagles, fly.

Posted by I'm BLUE on 10 January 2017 - 07:30 PM

so some guy in an SUV almost ran me over whilst crossing the crosswalk,,,,,, so I YELLED "hey you almost ran me over you FUCKING IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!! " real loud ,
but know I feel embarrassed because its in front of my house and the neighbors heard. How else do you deal with dipshit drivers????
Just got back from Seattle and I will say people there do know how to drive in the rain and are over all polite and aware. 
Can't tell you how many times I've almost been run over in the rain in the Bay Area.

Sorry man.. glad you didn't get clipped !

My girlfriend was in a similar situation. Only coming out of the grocery store then stepping onto the cross walk after work. Said some guy was speeding out of nowhere then almost nailed her.

#1439762 Cuz Merica

Posted by I'm BLUE on 03 December 2016 - 10:45 PM