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08 June 2018 - 10:35 AM

What happened ?

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01 June 2018 - 12:44 PM

I don’t own any sig pistols (own a sig556xi rifle). but it’s been a pure pleasure shooting every sig pistol of friends/family members when out in the woods/range.

I’d choose sig over a glock as pure preference.

In Topic: 2003-2004 Infiniti M45 - Anyone?

17 May 2018 - 08:17 AM

Infiniti won't hold value well...and aren't overall great mechanically.

If you can afford a little more, spring for a Lexus LS. 400/430/460. Love mine. No issues at all.

^^^ THIS

In Topic: 2003-2004 Infiniti M45 - Anyone?

16 May 2018 - 10:12 AM

I’ve recently gotten back into luxocruisers for the same reason, I hate the wifes suv that isn’t comfortable and gets about 13mpg mixed. I’m too poor to go with something like the infiniti m, so I got an 07 Crown Vic cvpi and put Lincoln Towncar seats, remote keyless entry with an alarm, and a high end double din dvd receiver and new speakers in it. It’s as much luxury as I can afford. All the things that made it a good cop car make it a good family car. Big bodied v8 cars are fun. Good luck with your future purchase, I’ll be waiting for oics.

I’m Assuming you have the 4.6... how do you like that drivetrain matchup ?

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03 May 2018 - 07:25 PM

I hate the LED lights on the newer cars & trucks -
WHY to they need to be that bright?
Same with DRL's - they should be no brighter than low beams.
And of course,the IDIOTS that need to have their driving lights on ALL
the time.I guess they can see better in the daytime.
I remember when only true enthusiasts used them (driving lights).
They would turn them off when there was any oncoming traffic.

Curious, How is one being an "IDIOT" for having headlights on all of the time whilst driving ?

Im definetly stating i don't agree....with all light choices or designs myself.

The company that made my truck decided to use a color spectrum that looks a bit brighter than they are since they're an orange/amber color. Cant turn them off. Well....since my DRL's are also my turn signals.....

once more they sent my truck to the dealership w/ stock halogen headlights. Yet , Again...i couldnt find a design like the high end bmw headlight cut off line to have a similiar product that wouldnt blind everyone but myself doinv anything ax an LED or HID alternative.... so i put a big axe in the idea....i told myself fuck that !! Not doing that.

Lets consider....mountain conditions....fog.....super bright sun....drunk drivers.....medically impaired drivers (mistaken for drunk).....bad drivers......ambulance chasers......rolling hills.....heavy downpour or flash flooding.,...people fighting in cars swerving around....hydroplaning.....a vehicle thats broken down heading info your lane or near you......heavy traffic..... tunnels (especially through hil sides).....SLEEPY drivers.......prius drivers.....flash flooded streets.......people with bad or slow windshield wipers......people on their phones or textinv,,,,....people left glasses at home.....broken off mirrors.....multiple burnt out bulbs......and all of those billions of reasons.....tc efc etc........ there is just too much going on....

Use to drive for a living to get through undergraduate. I have the same principals now as i did then. One accident in 17-years....said accident was as follows.... an 82 year old man mistaken his gas pedal for his brake and went clear up underneath my 25ft dual axle flatbed trailer being towed by an f-350 4xr crew cab long bed at 40mph ! He and his wofe gpt really fucking lucky...

I take pride in using my turn signals. I give as much advance notice , and slow transition as i can. Unfortunately... oregon drivers give no shits and are cool like that. They even are doing a news piece on oregon drivers being so drivers....causing rage in other oregonians tryining to get to point b.

Driving home from the portland expo center....i saw a couple neat hotrods....specifically a 40's coupes hot rods....last time i followed one home at dusk from a show...,i had a harder time seeing him....he had two TINY Bullet LEDS for running/brake/turn signals ...... i had to get within 20ft (slowly stopping behind him) to see if he was tudning or stopping for sure,

^^^ I can also say from experience that a lot of people had a hard timd seeing me....at all time of the day in my yellow 73 240z. Car is just tooo damn small. I was increasing my odds any way i could which included turning on all my lights all t he timd,

I dont believe for a second .....all drivers think alike......

I paid for an eye exam , and found out i had a light sensitivity. Id encourage others to spend the money if they havent for a whike....its worth it.