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79' 210 coupe a14 "rebuild" ?

13 September 2017 - 10:36 AM



So this engine and car only has ~50,000 miles on it. But it hasn't had anything really done to it over the past 40 years. Car is going through a little restoring which I'm having no problem with but I want some advice as I go through the engine.


I used quotes on rebuild because I have a whole bunch of replacement parts: new battery, alt, coil, wires, plugs, fuel pump, oil pump, water pump, 32/36 weber, sensors, gaskets, etc. I want to replace everything to really make sure that everything has been at least gone through and addressed before I put this car back on the road.


The extent of what I have planned is getting the engine out, cleaning it all up, scrubbing it down, sanding and repainting a couple pieces (cover and oil pan). Them simply replacing all the parts with the new ones I have and regasket everything.


Considering this is my first build I wanted to ask the forum on what they would suggest and tips to keep in mind when working on an engine. Need all the tips and info I can get. Check out my build thread for more pictures too.


I guess my first question so far is


When I get to cleaning, what should I use? Prefer to use lesser harmful chemicals if possible, but more importantly what can I use considering the metals. Being from Maine and on the coast I wanna make sure nothing causes rusting or corrosion. Where on the engine should I be careful of getting chemicals or cleaners?





The Geisha

27 July 2017 - 01:10 PM

I had a thread I started a couple years ago in the 210 section and just started posting again recently, but fuck photobucket and their bullshit. So I decided to delete my pb account, use google photos, and start a project thread. If an admin could delete my old post in the 210 section that would be much appreciated.


Of course I'll start by posting some pics for y'all.




How she sat at the beginning of the month. Nice thing about summer time is that I get to set up my shop outside ... well actually it's the only place I can set up but I don't mind. It kind of motivates me more waking up to see it before I leave everyday. I find myself coming back home on my lunch breaks to do little things here and there when I can.





I am so grateful that my interior is in pretty good shape, although I have my suspicions of what lies underneath the carpet. I am hoping that there isn't much rust, in particular the passenger floor side as the heater core developed a leak at one point or other. Tearing apart the interior is the one thing that I have been putting aside as I don't feel like I have the proper set up yet. I would like to do that when I have a garage with enough space to take everything out and place it on the floor next to the car.




I've always loved how spacious the interior of the car feels. I think it has to do with how much glass there is, which is great. I have yet to drive in a car where I can see as much as I do in this one.






Where I see body work needing to be done.


Probably going to have to do a fair bit of metal work, looks like mostly small sections, but metal work none the less. For now though the chassis is solid and good enough for me to rebuild on before I take my journey out west at the end of the summer/going into fall. It'll be once I have moved out to AZ that I plan on doing a full take down where the frame will be tackled from top to bottom, and I'll be in a better geographical location to do so. There is one section in the engine bay that may have to be tackled while I am still here. I'll get better pictures of that soon.






Here's how she sits now. Second picture's a little dark cause I was shooting too fast.


Ever since I first saw the car I liked how it looked. It's got this great combination of styles that some might argue as too eclectic but I think just shows how much of a piece of Americana+Japanese = Japanicana(?) history that this car is. Every time I look at it it gives me a little boner, as well as a glimpse into the past. I think gas crisis, the death of the classic American muscle car (at least in terms of styling), Jimmy Carter, the push towards a global economy, cassette players, green formica kitchen counter tops, and shag carpets of all colors and flavors. I think being a 79' really embodies that change before the 80's styling and culture with the square headlights, nothing personal against them but I think that shift really shows to me where styling for cars in general started to really change, and from which I think the 1979 210 design represents the kind of turning point from 70's to 80's.


I say this with a caveat however, because although I love the shit out of this car and how it looks, there is a lot that I want to change. :angel:




What I started thinking about though the other day was how I want the car to ride when I put the wheels back on. Adjusting the jack stands got me really staring at the rear end and realizing how nice of an ass this car has. :devil:  Nice enough that I think it should be shown off more with a little front rake. From looking at a couple other builds across the world, mostly this one Malaysian dude with an SR20 and FAT flares, I just think a little front rake really compliments the lines and design of this car, and I think that the long ass/trunk has a lot to do with that. Once I get the rear bumper off, which I am not entirely sure as of yet how to get off, I will get a better idea. Speaking of which, does anyone know of any builds with custom bumpers? I've tossed the idea around of designing and welding my own bumpers as I don't really feel like hunting down Japanese ones and the thought of compromising on some fiberglass ones purely for appearance doesn't bide by me well.