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In Topic: Happy 620 :)

Yesterday, 07:38 PM

Happy 620


i actually drove one today too, i don't think it's happened in my 4 years of owning a 620 until today

In Topic: DatsunsNW future plans and events

Yesterday, 07:32 PM

shit i may be able to make it

In Topic: INSMNCS: Bird.

Yesterday, 11:39 AM

Very bad news hit my family earlier this week. My little brother was hit by a car on his motorcycle. Car full of teens ran a red light. His body is shattered and he's sustained massive brain injuries. I've been in SD for the passed three days and on Monday spoke to neurologists after an MRI. There are micro contusions throughout both hemispheres, the corpus callosum, and the brain stem, so recovery is not looking good. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed, but trying to be there to support my family. His name is Cervantes so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


I'm not the praying sort but I will send good vibes to a fellow biker.

In Topic: Monster NL320 4x4 Build

Yesterday, 07:09 AM

Wait, I take my like back, where's the oic? This thing ain't been driven if there's no oic

In Topic: INSMNCS: Bird.

19 June 2018 - 07:25 PM


i'll take option b thank you, would much rather not be the guy who ran into the side of a semi and survived