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In Topic: New 620 ownership startup questions

Today, 12:16 PM

I do not have a spare swb frame otherwise I would make an offer to assist depending upon location. I don't know your location but if you're in the one I have a few names for you

In Topic: Several Trucks for sale and i need help.

Today, 11:40 AM

Is that what happened to steroid? Damn I was wondering about that guy I remember him posting.

In Topic: My 1967 RL411 Station Wagon - Canby or Bust!

Today, 07:13 AM

When you gonna take me along for a ride redeye?

In Topic: Solid vs poly rear subframe bushing.

Today, 07:12 AM

Because they're readily available. It's easier to find the poly than it is to find rubber stateside for me. But I'm probably doing something wrong not wanting to wait on shipping from Thailand when I can have it brought up the i5 corridor so much cheaper and quicker.

In Topic: datsun 521 king pins

Today, 07:10 AM

Go to YouTube, search blue hands king pin. He's got a few videos on them. Thank Mklotz