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Vibration on clutch travel.. when in gear or with engine revs

12 October 2017 - 11:48 AM

Is this pilot bearing issue wear on shaft?

Worsening recently in a 1980 200sx.. master cylinder replaced by shop. PO said it was replaced before.

Stored car , put to daily use five+ years ago.

Always had noticeable noise difference with clutch engaged.. taking out of reverse clutch disengaged , will not go back in clean even if out for just a second

Any thoughts , how to approach?

80 200sx , low milage purchased run hard

09 May 2017 - 05:53 PM


Starting this thread not necessarily as a build.. bought a stored car 30 yrs old 5k miles , santa Monica storage then apple valley.

Planned on daily , racking miles but started thinking about preservation..

25000 after about five years with no real work.

Curious what some of you think about running old components​, especially engine rings bearings.

Work was needed on clutch master , fuel pump replace with nos (housing cracked). Finally changed dist and plug wires after about 15k lots of arching

Oil seemed to be dark like deisel on changes , blowby?

Long trips it does well can get 400 miles out of 14gal

.. trip to SB ,CA left engine and coolant Res all but dry.. lost normal oil pressure around LA said fuck it😒

All good , jiffy through some high milage oil in it(they had the filter)

.. more pics and descriptions to come

Interested in some of you guys s thoughts on what how a thirty year old car handles today's driving drifting 😉 and freeway speeds. Or questions comments from the other 200sx gen two owners..