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In Topic: "Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!

20 February 2018 - 04:21 AM

You are missing the point

In Topic: "Swamp thing" JBC enduro car!

19 February 2018 - 08:27 AM

Seems like you are putting an awful lot of work into something that has the potential to be slammed into a wall.

In Topic: Hoboland projects

18 February 2018 - 10:31 AM

Just go buy the proper tools if you have any money left over from that 180sx. Tools are cheap investments.


17 February 2018 - 06:39 AM

So what does she stand for and how old are these?

In Topic: Canby 2018 presented by DNW

17 February 2018 - 06:31 AM

Where do you live in so cal I might be going again. Maybe carpool up there. I’m trying to get more people but it’s a fuckin drive to that shithole. Lol

Whiner, if I can make it to eaglerock for a day, you can come canby for a weekend