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#1513437 Are You Ready? 720 KC build

Posted by reelmagic on 29 August 2017 - 05:15 PM

So its been a few months since I've updated this thread.  Not much was happening with the truck up until the last weekend.


I started with removing the valve cover to expose the head bolts and valve train.  With 90,000 miles I wanted to re-torque the heads per everyone's recommendation. I then moved on to setting the valve lash on all valves.  I finished up the night by changing the oil, using the highly recommended Delo.  I don't know if it is the oil or the valve lash adjustment or both, but WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!  I had a fairly loud ticking and it is completely gone, the motor is very quiet now.


The next day,  I decided to attempt messing with the manual steering box adjustment to see how it would affect the steering wheel play and shake I was getting.  Well with just a quarter turn the play is pretty much gone.  The steering is nice and tight and I believe it may have resolved the shake as well, but I haven't gotten to really get it up to speed to check that.  Again another huge difference in performance with a little adjustment.


We then started on the lowering process by degreasing the undercarriage to get it a little cleaner before taking it apart.  My middle son, who was my helper all weekend, and I then disassembled the rear suspension, did some wire brushing, some painting, and then installing of the bell tech 3" blocks.   I was supposed to receive tires for my 17" Titans on Monday but one of the tires came in defective, so for now we haven't lowered the truck back on the ground to see how it looks.  Tires should be in by the weekend so we can then turn our attention to the front suspension.  Some pictures


(still trying to figure out picture hosting...because of the photo bucket fail)

#1487869 720 gears

Posted by reelmagic on 11 May 2017 - 04:59 PM

It will probably stay stock for a while.  Down the road who knows.  I know I've read that the gear swap wakes up the truck a bit, but I was wondering if 4.375 is too much and should I look for 4.11?

#1487839 720 gears

Posted by reelmagic on 11 May 2017 - 02:21 PM

My 720 I believe has the 3.7 rear in it, but I have a chance to buy a rear out of a 77 620, which I believe is the 4.375 gearing.  Would anyone recommend this upgrade?   I thought I might want to jump on this while I have the chance.  I would just change out the 3rd member when I am ready to do it.  Is the 4.375 too much gear?  This is a toy not a daily, and my plan down the road is to do some performance upgrades (how far yet I am not sure, but I do tend to go overboard).  Any thoughts? This is on a 5 speed truck.


#1486869 620 beds

Posted by reelmagic on 08 May 2017 - 05:20 PM

I am asking this for a friend who is not on this forum.  Are the  620 standard cab beds and king cab beds the same?  I know on the 720's they are not, but it appears the 620 are the same.  Please let me know.

#1485942 Are You Ready? 720 KC build

Posted by reelmagic on 05 May 2017 - 03:09 PM

Yes Titan 17's.  Still looking for tires for them.  Hopefully soon.

#1476534 Are You Ready? 720 KC build

Posted by reelmagic on 02 April 2017 - 07:06 AM

1/ There's no ground inside the column for the lights. Power goes to the signal bulbs then to ground to turn them on. Could be worn or need cleaning the dust and dirt out. Maybe remove and flush with electrical contact cleaner.

So pull all turn signal bulbs, check and clean all contacts?  Just seem weird how it works one day and maybe not the next.  It almost feels like it was something physical in the column.  Thanks.


3/ As long as when driving the engine does not rev up when climbing hills it's not slipping and good enough for now.

No hills in Florida...will have to find a tall bridge!!  Luckily we have one or two around.


I will definitely use your advice on the other two items as well, when I get some time.  I'll keep you updated.  Thanks Mike!

#1476532 Are You Ready? 720 KC build

Posted by reelmagic on 02 April 2017 - 06:56 AM

A/C, but no power steering. Is that what I see in the pic? Looks straight and solid to me. Nice find. The thing I appreciate most about rehabbing this model and this brand is that it is still feasible to find clean and reasonably priced examples that just need a little TLC and a few bucks to bring you a good return, in terms of service.


Nice seats!

Yes AC, which works very well BTW, but no power steering.  I thought that a little odd myself.

#1472580 Are You Ready? 720 KC build

Posted by reelmagic on 19 March 2017 - 08:31 PM

So I picked up my first 720 about a month ago.  Back in the old school mini truckin' days I had a standard cab '89 Mazda B2200 and my brother had an '85 Nissan 720 standard cab.  I always liked his truck.  This one is an '85 King Cab white with blue interior (which happens to be the same color scheme my brother had).  Of course back then we rolled lowered with tilt beds on 14" & 15" rims - good times. 


This truck has 90,000 miles and is in pretty solid shape.  The interior is in good condition and the body is solid.  The only rust anywhere is a couple small bubbles at the bottom of the drivers door - and I mean small.  It has its share of 32 years of dings and dents. I've already picked up a couple parts for it, including a set of 17" Titan rims.


Plan for the truck is a slow build as time and money permits.  I plan to get any bugs taken care of first  and then get the truck sitting as I want it to (static dropped on spindles).  I have a vision but its going to be a plan as we go type of build.  Once I get it the way I want it, I will probably tear it all down and make it show ready...or maybe not...not real sure yet.


Some problems I already resolved:


When I first bought it I could barely drive it for any length of time - it had a terrible smell and fumes in the cab.  I thought from the beginning it might be a clogged cat.  I took it to an old school muffler guy here in town and he listened with a stethoscope for an exhaust leak, but could't find one.  He wasn't sure my cat was clogged but I had him cut it off put in a straight pipe and YES the problem is gone!!


The washer pump wasn't working.  I picked another one up from a guy who was parting another 720 and problem is resolved.


The issues I want to take care of shortly:


      1. The blinkers work sporadically.  One day they work perfect, the next maybe not at all.  It seems like if I play with the wheel and the switch they will come back on.  Maybe a ground issue inside the steering column?

      2.  It runs real good - except it seems at times that the idle is a little high.  Because of this sometimes it diesels when shutting it off.  I'm thinking I need to check the linkage first?

      3.  I'm not sure whats going on with the clutch.  At first I thought the clutch was bad.  It felt real soft.  But the more I drive it, the more I think it's getting better (if thats possible).  It still will not spin the tires when dropping the clutch, so maybe it is bad, or maybe its just not fully engaging?

      4. I've got a bit of a shake in the steering wheel - most items under the front look good - except the ball joint have grease leaking out of them.  I'm thinking thats my issue.  I will probably wait to address this when I lower the truck.


Once these things are buttoned up then I'll start making it MY truck.  Here are some pictures:








#1463580 I'm back!

Posted by reelmagic on 19 February 2017 - 09:27 PM

Ouch.  He had made references to putting spindles on it and such.

#1463491 I'm back!

Posted by reelmagic on 19 February 2017 - 03:50 PM

i know this is an old thread and you have moved on to another truck, but what were the specs of your suspension and tires in the last few photos?  The truck sat great in those pictures and I love the 17" titans.  Thanks.

#1442563 720 auto to manual swap

Posted by reelmagic on 15 December 2016 - 02:46 PM

1985.  Both trucks are running and drivable.  The one just has lots of rust damage.  I thought that would be the case, I was just a little worried about the interlock.  Thank you very much for the info.

#1442424 720 auto to manual swap

Posted by reelmagic on 14 December 2016 - 09:59 PM

If I had an auto 720 and a 5 speed parts truck, outside of the obvious how hard is the conversion from auto to manual?  Does the electric harness need to change? What are the pitfalls?

#1086576 My little cream 620

Posted by reelmagic on 28 April 2014 - 08:01 PM

Truck looks great!!  Keep it up.

#1000012 New member with a new 620 KC

Posted by reelmagic on 29 October 2013 - 05:36 PM

I wanted to drop in and show off me and my "almost" 13 year old son's new project - a 1977 Datsun 620 King cab.  He wants this truck as his first vehicle, although it's tough for me to give up as I have always wanted a 620.  I'm an old school mini-trucker from the late 80's early 90's.  Back then I had a 1989 Mazda standard cab - but always wanted a 620.  A friend of mine had this Datsun 620 shipped to Florida from Phoenix back around 2004.  After falling on some hard times he asked to park the truck in my yard, as we live on acreage - that was nearly 4 years ago.  A couple of months ago while cutting the yard, I texted him that he needed to do something with it as the Everglades is no place for a Datsun to sit and it was starting to take its toll.  Well he gifted me and my son the truck and now we have our first project together.   


We got it running on some fresh gas, although a bit rough.  Once the clutch fluid did it's job the transmission seemed ok.  My friend had a new exhaust put on it, with a header, Flowmaster, and two tailpipes - it sounds like my '67 GTO - not anything like a rice burner!!  He also had a weber put on the original manifold.  It is currently sitting on 18" wheels (which are badly pitted),  with 3" lowering blocks in the back.  Dash is in good shape, no cracks.  The rest of the interior is in good shape as well - except that the seats are missing.  He had taken out the original buckets to put in SRT4 seats, only problem is I only have one of those as the other seats were lost somewhere along the way.


We're putting together a plan for the truck.  At this point I see smaller wheels on the truck, probably 16", and more drop.  A tastefully done, on the modern side, black interior. Color for the exterior is still up in the air, maybe a lighter blue, possibly white.  But first things first - get her running smoothly and stop the rust that has started in the last couple years (which is too bad as this thing had NONE when it got parked).  Looking forward to this project with my son and the Ratsun community!!