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Today, 07:23 AM

A quick google search showed me multiple examples of left hand drive turbo z24 720s.  With out more details or pics I'd say it is difficult at best to offer specific solutions.  I will say that all of the examples I've found would definitely require a good heat shield.

In Topic: Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment) (Pics fixed to Page 72)

Yesterday, 02:55 PM

I appreciate the creative use of Jack stands and the work that has gone into this car.

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17 March 2018 - 06:38 PM


I do love me some S550, GT350's even more so.

In Topic: Idle hands: assorted projects

17 March 2018 - 06:30 PM

It drives remarkably well for an old car with cheap coilovers and should only get better as we actually get to replacing the rest of the steering and suspension bits.

While I wait for me buddy to bring me a boost controller for the vr4 I figured I'd get some more done on the xj. The plan was to swap out the rear diff cover, change the oil filter housing o rings and get the new front brake lines installed. Ended up swapping the diff cover, installing the new brake lines, one new hard line fitting and a caliper.


Part of my doing this today is that I'm planning to hit up the jy tomorrow to snag an extra front axle and wanted to verify my gearing.


Just a little longer. At some point I'll likely add a throttle return spring to these to these to keep them up out of the way while allowing them to stretch when flexing out.

This is about the time things went sideways. Starting with the fitting that rusted itself to the hard line.


Luckily there was plenty of extra line to be able to just cut the hard line back and put on a new fitting. Although it did mean busting out my least favorite tool, the dreaded cheap double flare tool.

Shit continued to go off when I set out to bleed the brakes.


This is where I should have gone to the Google machine to find out that calipers for this thing are practically free, but instead I first actually tried to extract that sheared bleeder. Then when I saw how cheap the calipers were I became quite sad I spent any time trying.

I did attempt to remove the oil filter adapter, but of course the bolt that holds it on is too close to the frame rail to get a ratchet on and after nearly killing myself when the doubled wrench let go I decided it isn't leaking enough for me to care. I'll try again when I pull the axle.

I also received several other parts including this baby truss that is smaller than expected.


And just something amusing.


In Topic: Idle hands: assorted projects

15 March 2018 - 05:40 PM

Since you asked, or demanded, whichever the case may be. Stopped off on my test drive to snap a few.




In other news. With the new gauges installed I have been able to verify that AFRs are good and the stock boost control solenoid is shot.

Completely unrelated I got several bits for the continued saga of the xj. Front diff cover bash plate, front frame stiffeners and axle tube seals. Less excitingly also got a new flasher relay and oil filter housing o rings. Rear diff cover, and truss for the front axel should be here by the weekend. Front locker, control arms and track bar bracket should be here over the next couple weeks.