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Yesterday, 08:09 PM

Stop somewhere you have wanted to see eat sleep investigate the surroundings and then drive the rest of the way.  Make a mini vacation out of it.  Enjoy your self.  Hell take your wife drop her at some ladies event and roll into Canby.  Tell your wife it is a honeymoon!

Right now I'm going after work. And faster if it's just me.

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Yesterday, 06:13 PM

I ran a Z20 5 speed in my 70 521 with a 520 drive shaft for over 250,000 miles with no problems.  Eveven hauled over 1 ton sand loads with it more than once.  Ran it down the freeway at 85 to 90 miles an hour all the time traveling back and forth fro Bagdad AZ to Phoenix AZ. 

I agree its a fluke thing. Or pounding gears and got some axle wrap. I am 1 piece aluminum of course custom made with a 280 Z and FJ and no problems all the way up to almost 120 MPH. If it saves you money Mike put the old one in plus it is better for lowered trucks anyway. I just like the fact of no carrier bearing, just one more thing to give problems.

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22 May 2017 - 09:03 PM

Just make a new 1 piece. I would not go back to 2 piece.

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16 May 2017 - 08:22 AM

If you leave the trailer at the motel... who's gonna know you're a trailer queen? Oh, did I say that out loud?
Besides, once people see how big you are they'll totally understand.
I can say that, I too live in an extra large format.

I am not tall but just girthy.lol

Also I only trailer when broken. which has not been alot lately. thank god.


Do you exceed the 55 mph limit? I can't drive... 55

I will do above 65 MPH LOL

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16 May 2017 - 08:21 AM

your junk dont run?

drive that bitch to the show  :devil:

It runs but I am not driving it that far. You seen me and after just going to JCCS thats far enough for me.