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L-16 intermittant stalling/shut off at idle

02 November 2016 - 05:15 PM

My engine has been running strong, starts and idles fine. I get good gas mileage... it just runs and runs. I drove around all day, stop and go, on and off the freeway. A few blocks from home I stopped for a light, then it died like it ran out of gas. It didn't want to fire off, even pressing the pedal pumping some gas in it didn't want to fire. I tried to hold the pedal to floor like it would normally start if I flooded it. Finally it fired, but ran really rough for a few seconds until it cleared out and it revved and ran fine.


I drove it into a parking lot then shut it off to look for loose wires, stuck linkage, anything wrong. It just wouldn't start or run. I left it for a while, came back and it fired right off. I shut it off and re-fired it a few times, the choke warmed up and idled fine. I drove it a few blocks and as soon as I came up to a stop it would idle... then start to die like it is being starved for fuel... but as soon as I blip the throttle, it just kills it like an electrical switch.



Then, I cant make it fire or run at all. I have a new Interstate battery and I'm pretty blown away how much I have cranked on it, and it still spins the engine like mad! Oh yeah, this is my daily driver... recent plugs, cap rotor... matchbook dist adjusted timing... oil change, coolant... I am on top of my maintenance. Except for the distributor up grade from dual points to electronic, everything else is stock. The carb is stock. The air cleaner and all the emissions stuff is still hooked up for a 49 state vehicle... it never had the California air pump bullshit.


A month ago when I was working on my brakes, I serviced a bunch of stuff like new fuel filter. I noticed that there was a ton of CRAP in the fuel filter. More than I have ever seen, black shit covering the pleats in the filter fabric and chunks of junk rolling around in the filter! So the other day I see the new fuel filter equally dirty!  I thought, there is the problem... horrible gas. There is probably junk in the idle circuit of the carb!  I know an easy way to find out...


... I have a spare Hitachi DCH340 that is the identical stock carb. I know it is a runner too...


I just got done swapping it out. The fuel pump is new and a new filter, just a couple cranks filled the float bowl. One step on the pedal to turn the choke on... Bang it fired right off!  It runs waay better than the carb that has been on there. Great throttle response... a few little tweaks to the idle mixture and throttle stop... took a test spin. Dang, the engine runs good!


I drive a couple of miles through the hills and when I stopped for oncoming traffic to turn, it idled right for a few seconds... then shut off.. like killing the ignition switch. I got it to fire again after cranking and cranking... seems like it would run as long as it was driving. Soon as I took my foot off the gas it would stall out... then it just wouldn't fire again. Crank and crank, nothing. 


That was two hours ago. Just now pressed the pedal one time, hit the starter and it fired off... idled with the choke on just like it is supposed to. I killed it and restarted it a couple times. Starts and runs... I am afraid to go somewhere and be stranded again.


Any ideas why it would be cutting off like this?