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In Topic: What are you listening to???

20 October 2017 - 08:16 AM

I've been drinking Breakside Ale, but they shipped some Pilsner that was really nice, the last couple weeks Ninkasi is shipping Dawn of the Red that is really good. A while back I tried Ninkasi IPA. I like it a lot but one and I'm done, two pints will kick may ass. Wednesday night is my Saturday night... I go listen to my friends Soul Cookin' band play over in the Hollywood District @ Blackwell's... their motto is "Craft Your Buzz"




Depeche Mode iz plying here soon... I ain't going.

In Topic: What are you listening to???

20 October 2017 - 07:31 AM

I'm always listening to drummers! Adam Cruz just makes me smile. This was almost two years ago in Santa Cruz @ Kuumbwa. I was sitting next to the guy who shot this bootleg. This was the encore after two hour and fifteen minute sets, the guys playing this hard the whole time. There are cats with chops, then there are cats who are soo badd, they transcend instrumental virtuosity, seting the bar for creativity and performance. Chris... being Chris. Check out the little licks Adam Cruz fires back at Chris when he get's back to the head...  and that whole sequence into the 4s at the end. I was sitting right there and they were loud as fuck... anyway I copped audio of the whole tune and have been listening to it hundreds of times to transcribe it.


In Topic: 620 windshield replacement

19 October 2017 - 01:20 PM

Ok, so I'm back in under two hours and I had to drive across the river. $267. They had the glass already, were fifteen minutes behind. Fifteen minutes later they drove it into the shop, two guys knocked it right out. Totally workman like job to reuse the existing gasket, and tuck the headliner back in place... looks just like when they did it nine years ago. haha


Soo nice driving home in the rain!! It's great having a new windshield! The windshield wipers even work better!


So, for PDX guys I would recommend Apple Auto Glass on MLK.  I'm such a poor broke MF, it's hard to come up with a couple hundred bucks. I will spend all day fixing something I coulda bought new for ten bucks... 'cuz I don't have ten bucks. There are just some things I don't want to fuck with. If you have ther right tools, It's not that hard to install gasket type windows. I still don't want to do it. I didn't even watch them do it. I shoulda shot video of them doing it. Oh well, that's how much I don't care. So glad that there are good mechanics and craftsman still out there. Sometimes it's grim watching guys try to do stuff.


Next... Farmers.  I should record that conversation for quality assurance purposes... and cheap entertainment.

In Topic: 620 windshield replacement

19 October 2017 - 09:31 AM

I have an appointment @ Apple auto glass in an hour. A tree branch cracked and demolished my windshield. They pulled the paperwork from when they put a new windshield for me. It was nine years ago, so it was $234 to install it. They did a great job getting the headliner tucked in. I supplied a new gasket for them. 


The gasket is still in great shape, I don't park in the sun and keep it clean. They quoted me $267 to install it now over the phone... but they want to look at it first. They said they could see that there were two colors of the tint band across the top... green and blue available. But until they actually place an order will we know if they really are still available. 


The Farmers claims guy wanted to work with Safelite, but I remembered from that last go-round that they were clowns. They only work on late model cars... as in we make too much easy money gluing windshields on mini-vqns, SUVs and luxury sedans to fuck with old cars. Then they tried to tell me that 620 windshield are expensive and have to be sourced from a classic car vendor... and other total BS. 


Farmers... wee seen a thing or two... yeah, fuck you.  Gotta go. 

In Topic: California Fires

15 October 2017 - 01:36 PM

It is profoundly sad how ignorant many of the posts in this thread are. 


The situation is already horrific beyond imagination, and it's not over. 


The lasting impact will be felt for generations.



Earthquakes... gimme a break... I rode out the '57, The Alaska in '64, The Hollister in '84, the Loma Preita in '89... and two day later was working on 5 stories of scaffolding for two aftershocks... 5.3 & 5.0  ... watched the Marina District burn and the Cypress Structure collapse on live TV. 


In 1995 I was at Laguna Seca for the IndyCar Races. Sunday after the races I went down to the Beach in Seaside to watch the sunset. It had been a spectacular warm fall day. Looking out to the north west was a giant brown cloud hugging the horizon. It was smoke blown by an east wind that obscured the sun in a red-brown haze... in an otherwise clear blue sky. I could smell a faint odor of smoke.


90 miles away the Oakland Hills were on fire! There are may similarities to this Sonoma event. So it is not surprising that something like this could happen. It's still early in the fire season.


I'm going to go out on a limb here to say that none of you have ever read or heard of Raymond Dasman. Do your homework kids so you don't sound stupid. Dasman already hashed over all your lame observations 45 years ago. In his book; Destruction of California, his prediction have come true.



One of my High School friends was in Santa Rosa FD then became a Captain in Sabastapol, then retired as an Incident Commander for Cal Fire. Hasn't been heard from for days. So many friends and friend's of friends haven't been heard from and we hope they are just evacuated... or something. Don't know. It's not over. Calistoga has been evacuated. 12 people are sticking it out and the Mayor said they are on their own... all resources are tasked to other locations.  


The size and scope of this is almost unfathomable. This ain't gonna buff out anytime soon. The economic impact will certainly be beyond anything we have seen.


I was planning on driving to the Bay Area next week... can't do it. I got two messages from living people west of the freeway that are chilling. They are frightened out of their minds, sitting up in the hills watching the valley on fire. Don't come down here Man, the air sucks and people are freaking out left and right.