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In Topic: Re-core or replace RAD?

21 September 2017 - 09:30 AM

In the '80s my truck was looking really ghetto, no front bumper, grill or pan... no license plate for like 15 years. I had rocks put pin holes in the rad a few times. It's more of a hassle to pull it and put it back than to solder the holes shut. One time it started steaming on the freeway. I made it ten miles home with shit all bubbling and hissing. A pretty good crack in a seam on the upper part. I didn't even pull the rad out... drained the coolant and torched the fuck outta it in place! Bake it dry with a torch, try to clean the joint, hose on flux and 50/50 acid core!!! Ran for years Ratsun as hell.


A while back I put a fresh head on the L16, so I figured I'd get a new rad too. The old guy at Beaverton Radiator wanted $375 for full-on, hot-set-up re-core job. He said it was not the OEM rad and that it was "rotten" and not worth fixing. He said replacements for the L16 are not available, only L20 rads. The difference is the top inlet is on the other side. You have to use an L20 top hose for the shape then cut half of it off. I think I had to relocate two of the mounting holes too.


A Ratsun Bro gave me an OEM L20 rad that was in great shape. I change my coolant and flush the system about every 4 or 5 oil changes. I would consider having an OEM L20 rad re-cored. Rather than the new unit he showed me lookin' kinda sketchy. I remember shopping for aluminum rads and you can send dimensions/drawings to get a totally trick Griffin racing radiator for about $400. 


When I swapped the L16s 35a alternator for L20s 60a... it's a bigger unit, so I was considering have a radiator made so that the lower rad hose wouldn't hit the Alt/Fan. It's a tight fit, but I made it work. Couple zip ties on the hose to the frame... Ratsun.

In Topic: Figbuck Chronicles...

04 September 2017 - 05:30 PM



On the Oregon Coast. Epic day of listening to music and watching the scenery go by. Nearly 1500 mile trip from Portland to San Francisco on Interstate 5, then back North via Highway 101, through the Redwoods. Then up the Orygun Coast.  


36657064536_e61c8900f7_z.jpgDSCN0636 by Clary Philipp, on Flickr33 by Clary Philipp, on Flickr


...The Old Figbuck 620 was running great... until a few minutes after I took this sunset shot... the Alternator light started flickering just as I rolled into Port Orford. I shut the headlights off, and thought it was either a loose wire/ground, or the Diode was failing. I pulled over into a bar parking lot with a big light pole, so I could see. 


Put a Volt meter on it and it was toast. A couple of locals stumble out of the bar with drinks in hand. One old guy yells, "Loook it's a Fuckin' Datsun!! When was the last time you saw one of these? What's wrong with it Man??"


The Idiot light came on. I'm and idiot... or the alternator is smoked.


In a minute, the whole bar is emptied out watching me fuck with stuff. One guy says, that little sucker is so clean, how could anything be wrong with it. These guys know engines. Dood, it's the fuckin' Battery!!


Nah, brand new Interstate, look it lights the head lamps and fires the starter.


Uh, Oh yeah, Your alternator is fucked. Prolly just a diode. Usta be able to 'git them for Four Bucks, pull the plastic cover off the back and change 'em out. 


The next drunk argues, "Ah, then the bearings go out ten thousand miles later. You wished you woulda had a couple bucks to change it with a new one so you ain't crawlin' in the dirt some night when it finally dies!


Sheeit! You guys are killin' me here...


I don't know... after driving it for 44 years, I thought I fixed everything! Everybody is blown away that it's a one owner truck. Within ten minutes kids on bikes, every street person and drunk in town was standing in a circle around the light pole watching me. The only entertainment around. They told me the only place was Auto Kare just up the street, and they were expensive as hell!!! A total rip off. Yep, that is what they all said. Or there is a junk yard in Bandon. But Florence is closer and has a Napa store.


How can all you guys be drinking out here in the open? Oh, we are on private property! Can I park here over tonight? Sure park in back where it's quiet off the road. 





35868092784_8037f80f27_z.jpgDSCN0641 by Clary Philipp, on Flickr


They didn't have a KA 60 amp common to the 80's 720, but they had one for me first thing the next day delivered from Vancouver Washington. The two parts guys and lady who helped me were fantastic. They were like comic book characters! I'm going to send them posts cards! $112 with a core return. 


What a hustle, what a burn job, what a rip off!!! $112 to get me out of Port Orford? Priceless!


The parts girl timed me... 22 minutes to get it out.


36657064686_ab3b958592_z.jpgDSCN0642 by Clary Philipp, on Flickr


On the Road Again... off to see the Eclipse.

In Topic: What are you listening to???

02 September 2017 - 03:52 AM

In Topic: What are you listening to???

30 August 2017 - 11:56 AM

Can't forget Dennis Chambers... hahaha... sheeit!


In Topic: What are you listening to???

30 August 2017 - 11:37 AM

What are I listening to? I was down in front of this two years ago.  Always listening to drummers... for 25 years. BB King's drummer Tony "TC Coleman and Bobby Blue Bland and James Brown before that. My buddy John Mazzaco is on bass. Chris Ingram is still 16 years old... this year he was just incredible. Must be in the DNA, his Mother is Riley King's sister.