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#1481156 A10's U-nite !!!!

Posted by chevtruknut on 19 April 2017 - 03:04 AM

I always recommend ( and tell my students!) start with the basics. Rent ( free at auto zone or O'Reillys) or buy a compression tester and make sure you pull ALL the plugs ( bad head gasket or crack can be hidden one at a time)! See what you have first ( facts) before you go from there. Visual check next ( what components look worn or different.). Good luck, keep us posted. Brad
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#1459674 A10's U-nite !!!!

Posted by chevtruknut on 07 February 2017 - 10:00 AM

There are two reasons I did the shave. One there are virtually NO 510s I Montana, where I started the build, and we wanted a car that made people say " what the @#$& is that thing". Two, the door had previous damage at the door handle, so I figured what they hey. The body is being completely shaved, and I know how that makes some feel ( ok I'm a previous owner of both a restoration and a street rod shop). I FULLY understand don't molest old school, but WOW does it look cool with No Way for the average person to tell what it is. I've had one person in five years guess 510, everything from celica to Malibu ( it does resemble a shrunken Chevelle btw) it's been in storage 5 years and I'm now back at it full force, so super excited. The ENTIRE UNDERCARRIAGE is 100% Brand new, which is way more work than I recommend for most, but it will be nice and reliable. I am ( so far) staying with the built L20 and 5 speed that came in it.

#1459468 A10's U-nite !!!!

Posted by chevtruknut on 06 February 2017 - 06:10 PM

I am very excited. I just realized there are other late model 510 owners out there! I'm building a 1978 510 2 door hatchback. It is semi custom ( shaved everything, custom paint, interior, built L20B, etc). I have had a terrible time getting parts for this car, and could use a drivers door if anyone has one. I will also have lots of extra original parts leftover. Look forward to any information. What is a good source for the A10 information, as it seems all are grouped there 510/610/710). This car is currently a project car for my shop, I am a HS auto tech teacher. Kids dig it. Will get some pics up soon. It's COMPLETELY torn down and starting build back up.