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521 Front end repair

14 November 2017 - 11:52 AM

Was told by the alignment shop I need

Idler arm

Upper control arm

and strut rod bushings.

I am not sure if it is the right terminology 


I found 2  the Idler Rock auto


MEVOTECH MS30909 Supreme Info

MOOG K9058 {#48530B2000, 48530B9510} Info


I found Control Arm Bushings

MOOG K9207 {#5451908700} Package Quantity As Shown In Image Info

Front Upper Outer; Contains Driver And Passenger Side Bushings
Strut rod bushings not showing on rock auto
are these the 2 bushings that are under the front bumper

This suspension is different than any thing I am used to (seems like a trend)
I looked at an old post but all the Photo bucket pictures are gone (also seems like a trend)


low oil pressure at start

27 October 2017 - 09:59 AM

I am having low oil pressure at start up I can hear the valve train taping for about 3 seconds then the pressure comes up I am thinking about replacing the oil pump I believe it is on the right side of my 1077 L20b?

What do you all recommend?

Other problems
Still getting hot when I turn it off (have not had time to check the thermostat for the bypass hole)
It still runs over the mark when I am driving and if I am in a hurry it will build heat.
I have played with the timing and it is better but still over the line on temp.
These two problems are at least going to reduce the life of the engine at worst break it.

Installing single Din aftermarket radio

18 October 2017 - 11:53 AM

As some of you know.  I use my truck all the time. I found a NOS, 2 post, analog radio and it has been "working ok" but constantly looses tune.  Now the tuner knob is slipping so all I can tune to is the religious radio station and the classics.
I want to install a digital tuned radio with BT for convenience sake.
I am broke as hell, and not wanting to spend more than $40 so I was looking at this unit

I mainly listen to am/fm.
I almost never stream from my android due to data costs
It would be nice to have BT for calls, since i use the truck so much.

I am going to cut the dash the stock hole has already been cut once and is pretty diced up it still has the post holes.
I also am irritated that I am cutting the dash I can live with myself though.
my questions to those who have done this

1. is there enough room in the stock dash? I already have a radio form the 80's in there it just wont tune.

2. how did you mount your radio in the stock dash?
3. Antenna issues with modern radio?

4. Engine noise issues (running a 1979 dizzy)

Thanks Ratonians