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5 speed rebuild kits

07 August 2016 - 07:28 PM

So my Z/ZX 5 speed (early case) sounds like glass in a blender when the trans is turning with RPM. It's a constant chatter sound like glass in a blender when I'm driving or rev it in neutral. It's definitely the trans because I can feel it in the shifter. It's a constant sound in all gears, so it must be main shaft? Not sure if it's a bearing or a syncro that's flopping around. I didnt try revving it stopped in gear with the clutch in to seperate engine from main shaft. It drives and shifts fine with no grinds, it just sounds terrible. I was 20 miles from home and wasn't going to risk grenading it, so I had it towed. I haven't drained the fluid yet to see if anything comes out that shouldn't.

I was sent this, and they actually list 71B rebuild kits. Also 71A for Z/ZX which I've never heard of.


... Thoughts?

280ZX caliper slider pins

22 July 2016 - 12:07 PM

I have 280ZX front brakes on the front of my 510. I hear an occasional "click" sound when I press the brakes when moving, but never really thought anything of it. I had my wheels off today to check things out, and I noticed that the caliper has up and down play, so the slider pins are bad. I took the caliper off and wiggled the pins, and there is more play than I think should be there. I looked on Rock Auto for slider pins, and there isn't any available for the ZX. It only shows brake pad retaining pins? for a 280Z. I looked around online for ZX pins and wasn't able to find anything.

Since Maxima brakes are pretty similar... I'm wondering if the slider pins are the same dimensions as ZX? The brakes work fine and the caliper slides freely. The up and down play in the pins concerns me, and it would be nice to eliminate one noise of many from the car.