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Datsun B210 - LZ23, 5 spd. The Definitive B210 swap thread.

02 April 2017 - 09:17 AM

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I hope that my research / work helps others in the future.


Here's a few facts about swapping in an L20 (lz23 in my case...) into a "B".......


- PL510 (1968-'72) crossmember DOES bolt into a B210 without issue, I also used B210 lower control arms w/ the 510 xmember. This works and has no issues.


- L series engine with sidedraft carbs WILL fit. Note I have a 2 pc. side draft intake manifold that doesn't go out straight out from the head, but instead has a step-up (if that doesn't make sense, refer to pics in previous posts).


- L series exhaust manifold DOES NOT properly fit (kind of...) when using a 510 crossmember. The engine sits too far forward and the manifold down pipe will interfere with the steering arm. I'm using a square port manifold so a combination of a different manifold may work. I also tried to use the short tube header offered on ebay. This may be usable if you cut the collector short. You'll need to play with this a bit.


- When using a 510 xmember with factory mounts and rubber isolaters, the engine sits approximately 5" forward from the firewall. This is problematic if plans are to race or autocross the car. The engine has too much over hang on the front struts, potentially causing over steer or weight distribution issues.

       a. No room for a large radiator
       b. no room for clutch fan


- Must cut out the "radiator hump / mount" from core support. Trimming along the crease of the bend will give ample room.

       a. Use a VW MK1 Rabbit radiator. Must make mounts.


- I am using a 71B 5 spd from a 720 pickup. This is what was provided with my swap. So, I used it.

       a. When using the 510 crossmember and stock mounts, the longtail 5 spd is sufficient. but there are necessary modifications.

           1. must make a custom trans crossmember. 

           2. must have a customer length driveline. Datsun drivelines have staked ujoints and are typically not serviceable. I chose to have a custom driveline made with serviceable ujoints.

               Note: when using 510 xmember, stock mounts and a long tail transmission, the driveline will be 42" center-to-center.

               Note: H150 differential flange is the same as a H165. So, use any L series driveline yoke that is L series and/or H150 / H165 rear flange.


- If your "B" was originally a 4spd, the clutch slave cylinder is on the driver side. 71B and 63A 5spds have the slave cyl is on the passenger side. You'll need a new clutch line
      - Will a 510 clutch line work(?)


- L series alternators using internal regulator -- remove the B's ext. regulator the same way you would a 510. Be sure to remove / disable the choke relay or you will have a voltage draw.


- Swap ignition to driver side and remove points setup if so equipped.









Picked up this '76 B210 a while back. Daily drove it for a while and decided the little A14 wasn't enough......