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69 roadster - Audrey, the ratster

27 April 2017 - 09:32 PM

So i bought a roadster last Sunday. Wasn't really planning to buy another car. But y'all know how it is. She's complete minus some of the brightwork, though nothing is perfect. Engine (R16) and trans (4speed) are still in there though, so that's a bonus.

This is how i picked her up.




Mmmm, delicious greens.




Some quality speaker holes.



Clean title, no keys, unused in I'm not sure how many years. Guy i got it from said all the brightwork was in the trunk supposedly. He'd never opened the trunk, so i hoped he was correct. But the price was right.

Here's how we actually picked her up.



That's right boys, with a dozer. It was awesome.

Identify different grills

24 February 2017 - 06:05 PM

Specifically, what's the bottom grill? But if you know the others, those too.


Front hub assembly differences

25 January 2017 - 08:21 PM

I want to figure out if a person can change their front hub offset by swapping different hubs on to their struts. Starting with the assumption that your car uses the larger A2/A6 bearing set, can you swap S12, m30, z31, etc hubs on to your 280zx struts (or whichever set you are using)? And do they have different wheel mounting surface (WMS) heights ( = different offset)?

I found part of a discussion on this topic on ozdat, but nothing more.


Here's a pic stolen from there.


I most curious about wms differences between them, though i realize it could alter brake rotor location as well. Let's ignore that for now.

WMS= left side of yellow to right side of red.

According to the info on Ozdat:

S12 hubs- ylw=96.5mm, rd and blu=21mm, rear hub=55.5mm.
910 hubs- Are same as S12 above.
240K hubs- ylw=99mm, rd and blu=34mm, rear of hub=34mm.
Z31 (5stud) hubs- ylw=?, rd and blu=17.5mm, rear hub=57mm.
DR30 hubs- ylw=?, rd and blue=17.5mm, rear hub=?.

So adding "rear of hub" and "red and blue" we get:

S12: 76.5 mm
240K: 68 mm
Z31: 74.5 mm (5 lug)

Can any of you guys measure any other hubs you have laying around and post the measurements?

I'm hoping to measure my S12 5 lug hubs tomorrow and post that up.