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Carbon fiber tail light panels?

27 October 2017 - 06:57 AM

Anyone know what vendor has these? Having a bit of trouble find them...



'77 280Z Project, aka Basketcase

05 October 2017 - 03:10 PM

As if you needed more evidence that I should  be in a padded cell...









About as rust free as an S30 gets (one spot on right front floorboard)

Only one I've ever seen that the rear lower valence isn't bashed in (seriously)

Body is reasonably straight

Clean Texas title

Manual trans car (that will at least save me some work)

Factory AC car (will probably sell off those bits)

All glass is in good shape

Price was insanely cheap, like almost free cheap



It's a jigsaw puzzle (but I think I'm getting pretty good at those)

75% of interior is MIA (roll cage and race buckets?)

Previous owner removed most of the wiring harness (it would get a new harness and Autometer gauges anyway)



Not sure where it's going to go engine-wise. Probably the only thing I've ruled out is an L6. Swirling around my head currently in no particular order...


1. SR20DET - good weight balance, good aftermarket support, good power potential, even out of the box would kill any L28


2. RB25DET - hard to beat the straight six sound, for potential see above


3. 5.0L Ford V8 - relatively easy swap, and this is how you beat the sound of a straight six  ^_^


4. GM LS V8 - fairly unlikely, but cheap, easy to find, and power potential per dollar invested would be tough to beat



Style-wise, also a bit all over the map right now. I love the Akuma Z, but this look is pretty cool, as is this one, so...

Going on Safari, DIY grill mods...

10 September 2017 - 09:41 AM

I like the look of the "safari" grills, but not the price tag, so I decided to try and make my own...





Found some similar lights at a rummage sale of all places...





Wanted them to be a flush fit, so it's time to get crafty...





Marked off where to cut the ribs of the grill...





Much better. Now the chrome ring of the lights fits flush to the grill face...






Polished the stainless and repainted the ribs and brackets black...





Installed rivnuts in the light backs, made some little brackets to hold them in tight, and lengthened and routed the wires...





Finished product...








For about an hour's work and roughly $30 in materials, I think it looks pretty good. Will look better on the car I think.   :thumbup:

Search function dead?

12 May 2017 - 02:18 PM

Not working here at home, at work, or on my phone. Anyone else? 





Sorry if this is the 5th thread on this. I tried to search for one first, but...

'81 210 sedan Project, aka Joel

04 March 2017 - 02:52 PM

As you may have caught on to by now, all of my cars are named after the previous owner...   :rofl:


I've known Joel (the guy) for almost ten years, ever since I saw him driving this car on the street. I flagged him down and talked to him for 30 minutes about the car. He was super excited to not only meet someone who appreciated it, but also had a lot of parts/knowledge he needed. 


During his first few years of owning it, it was bone stock. Until he met me. See, this is one of the base model "fuel saver" specials they built with an A12a engine and a 4 speed trans. So over the years I helped him swap in a 5 speed, then we swapped in an A15, then added a Weber 32/36 carb to it. You know, the usual stuff. Did a brake job on it once. Added '81 200SX front and rear rear sway bars to it at some point. Little here, little there, we just built it into a super fun car for him to daily. Joel not being super mechanically inclined, I ended up doing most of the work...   ^_^


About a year ago, it blew a head gasket. I asked him to bring it by the shop so we take a look at it, but he said "No, I can handle it myself"..He took the head off, cleaned it up, put on a new gasket and off he went. About a month later it blew a head gasket again. This time, on my urging, he took the head to a machine shop to have them go through it and make sure it was good to go. $325 later and a clean bill of health from said machine shop, he popped it back on. About two months later, I get a text from him... 


Joel: Head gasket blew again.


Me. That sucks. Need any help fixing it?


Joel: Are you at the shop?


Me: Yes, you coming by?


No response...




About 45 minutes later a tow truck pulls up out front with Joel's 210 on the back of it, and another car following behind (what I later found out was Joel's wife's car). Tow truck driver starts to unload the car, Joel comes over to me, hands me the title to the car and says "hope you can fix it better than I did". Pays the tow driver, hops in his wife's car and leaves...    :P


So at the time I had a 210 coupe project so I thought I could at least use it for parts for that. During the great purge of late 2016, I passed the 210 coupe on to a (new) friend in east Texas, but I held on to this car for some weird reason. There it sat, in the corner of the parking lot for the last 18 months, gathering dust...


Well, another one of my friend's with a 210 project also has a 4 speed in his car. He asked if I had a 5 speed he could put in it and I said "Joel's old car has a good one in it, so come help me pull it out and you can have it?". 


It was sitting on four flats (had borrowed it's "good" wheels/tires for another car at some point), so I jacked it up and put the old set of wheels from my 1200 on it so it would roll around and we could pull the trans. As soon as I saw it on those deep dish Bassettts though, the gears started turning...


Being a man of my word, I still gave him the transmission, but now I'm thinking of turning this into a full blown project. See, after we jacked it up and pulled the transmission I started poking around a bit, and this is a really solid car. I have an A10 crossmember that would allow me to swap in my spare L18 pretty easily, and I have an L dogleg that would also be a bolt in, so...    B)


It may not look like much, but the body is fairly decent. It needs work on the beat up rockers, and maybe a new left fender, but otherwise it's not bad at all.