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1200 Transmission swap, 56 to 60

18 April 2017 - 09:50 AM

So, I tried a search for this and after 6 pages i really came up with nothing.
I am swapping a 60A trans into my 1200 and almost all of the questions have been answered but one.  On the A14 motor that this trans came off of, there is a plate that goes inbetween the block and trans and it is about "1/8 thick.  On the 1200, there is just a thin dust plate that attaches to the front of the bellhousing and covers below where the block meets the bellhousing/ trans.  Both transmissions measure out to be the same length.  Once I had the original trans out of the 1200 i was thinking about using the thin dustshield that was matched to the 56 trans because it appears that some of the holes have been made larger in order for it to mount to the 60A.
Anyone have any ideas about this or possibly have run across this before?
The plate on the left side matches to the 56 4spd and the one on the right matches to the 60A 5spd.


Well, now what am I gonna do with this?

10 March 2017 - 03:52 PM


So, I picked this up today.......and the above pic is the good side.

and this is the bad side.

Not sure what direction to take on this. Has a KA + 5spd swap in it and that is pretty much where they stopped. Has the typical rust in the rear quarters but other than that, not too bad. Not enough parts to make it complete and without taking a year or two to amass the pile of parts and note completely sure I want to part with the $$$ to do it quickly, I am gonna have to stop and think abit. I'll spend the next few weeks givin' her some thought and see where I land.

What do ya'll think eh? Do it full on and see how long it takes my wife to file divorce papers ( or have me certified incompitent), or just rat the hell out of it.

Tell me what you think, you most likely won't piss me off, I mean hey, I'm married.