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#1540892 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 18 January 2018 - 10:33 PM

Thank you man for making this thread. Ive been playing with L20b's and blow through setups for about a year now and im ready to go fuel injected. I was debating between a KA or a SR but your thread (I think) has given me the courage to go for a SR20det swap. I also already have a garrett gt2554r turbo so I figure that would be perfect for the SR with a tune. My truck is already good to go as far as an intercooler/piping and a proper fuel pressure setup with a couple of edits.


I noticed that you didnt cut and raise your transmission tunnel like ive been seeing in other build threads? Were you able to get it in there without this step? My big fears are finding someone to do the driveshaft and hoping im not overlooking all the small stuff that goes into this swap. I see that Redeye has SR mounts now, so the plan is to get a set of those and space the trans crossmember to get the engine in there and take my time on the rest.





I didn't modify the truck to fit the engine. All i modified was the engine mounting on the frame rail, and the sr20 oem mounts as shown. I even left the OEM holes for the L series to go back in if needed. Oh, maybe we count the cutting of the steering column and bumper support brackets? No cutting of the actual truck what so ever. Notice it has a down tilt toward the back of the engine? That is to prevent cutting the truck. IDEALLY you might WANT to cut the floor, but i am to much of a purist to do so. Its not that bad of a angle on the driveshaft (mine is actually pretty dang straight.) I havent had a issue at all in that subject. 


Only issue i have is the reverse hitting the seat/shift boot. I have to hold it down in reverse. Also, my engine is slightly shimmed up on the turbo side to clear that large s15 turbo. Nothing major or effects anything really. Just some notes since your wanting to run a slightly bigger turbo yourself.  

#1540371 JESUS ANOTHER 521 PROJECT!!!!!

Posted by WallRocket on 15 January 2018 - 08:53 PM

Shit this was last year.


#1540370 JESUS ANOTHER 521 PROJECT!!!!!

Posted by WallRocket on 15 January 2018 - 08:52 PM

This makes me want to throw away my welder and re-do my whole swap.

Good work man. It's like fabrication porn.

#1539509 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 10 January 2018 - 10:05 AM

After a month and a half wait...my gauge holders came in! No more electric tape holding them in!



Doing my last engine rebuild swap over at my shop. RIP SHOP. 

Datsun 620 sr20 hauling a rebuilt/forged sr20det! 





I picked up a front and rear subframe for the truck...






Happy days! 


#1535835 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 21 December 2017 - 07:09 PM

Enjoying driving it for a bit, then it comes all back apart for paint and body!

#1535832 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 21 December 2017 - 06:37 PM

Putting it to work like a truck should be used. Throwing out a bunch of junk from my house to move out of my shop. Unfortunately i have to close down.









Heater core! I seen a write up on here for using a spectra premium 94741 heater core.




Not much to it, just cut a little piece of plastic off. boom fit right in! Now i have a heater! 





Here is the link, i don't take the credit for this sweet find.


#1535279 Project Storage tub.

Posted by WallRocket on 18 December 2017 - 07:58 AM

WOW SICK INTAKE. The first one i was like, "eh" the second time around...nailed it. 


That is a fast build so far! Keep up the good solid work. 

#1535277 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 18 December 2017 - 07:51 AM

I been daily driving it for the past week now. Has a few small issues that need attention, some, i don't know if they are fixable ha.





Shifter is actually not level, so it makes my reverse pop out, plus the seat is sorta in the way as well. I need to shim up the right side of my garage mounts to level out the engine/trans to help with this issue. 



Then...MORE coolant leaks i see... Only leaks after setting all night. 



I seen a post on here for some tapper inserts to flip the center link, and i felt that was a "more right" way then what i did by tapper drilling it out. 




#1535240 Danfiveten's Joker

Posted by WallRocket on 18 December 2017 - 12:17 AM

Sick headlights! Great work so far!

#1534844 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 15 December 2017 - 10:09 AM

Welp. Tired now, I will updated and edit it later.

#1534843 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 15 December 2017 - 09:45 AM

I have had a few people been asking about my wiring. Its just the way I did it, i am not liable if it doesn't work out for you. 



This is for the gauges. Simply tap what you want and run it to desired gauge. 

(My truck, i didn't use any of these wires.)


These wires are located by the ECU, and are usually white or brown plug. The way I wired my truck, i didn't use any of these wires, just thought they would be helpful to some. 



Here is what you will be looking for, for above wire colors. Usually a white or brown flat plug. S13 Nissan 240sx guys use the term, "Dash interface plug" IGNORE THE WIRE COLORS IN PICTURES. 




Brown is a DOHC chassis dash interface



White is a SOHC chassis dash interface




First Step 1. 

Now, you have a 3 pin O2 sensor plug, it needs to be extended about 4 inches on either side (you choose) This plug will have a BROWN/Yellow, BROWN, and WHITE wire.

Here is what the O2 sensor wire looks like. 




Second Step 2.

You will need to extend the MAF wire. This will have a shield loom signal wires (2) dont be scared of that. Find a nissan 240sx OEM harness and cut the MAF wires from it (or any 2 wire shielded MAF wire from any car really) There will be 3 wires, Black, white, and black white stripe, just extend them 3ft, yes, 3ft. So the maf wire can run across the fire wall and around to the driver front of the truck. 




Black / White +12V (Power)

Black MAF Ground

White MAF Signal




I used a Z32 maf sensor. 

FOR Z32 MAF USERS, THE PINOUT IS: (ECU retune is required)




Third Step 3. 

Cut and put power where it needs to go into the OEM sr harness. No need to cut open the harness, etc etc. Just cut the power interface pigtail off. Here is what the power interface plug looks like. (See Figure 1a. below) Now that you have cut the pigtail off, you will see a few wires you need to run the sr20det in your truck, Thick blue/red stripe, Thick Black/Red stripe, Red, brown, black/yellow stripe, Black/White stripe, red/black stripe See figure 1b. You don't need any other colors! You will need to wire in 2 or 3 Relays in the location of the passenger side/center cab of truck.. I can't explain how to wire in a relay, but i am sure you can figure it out.




Figure 1a.



Figure 1b.

SR Wire Color


ECU Relay --- Red / Black stripe 12v Switch Power --- Wire to Relay 1 12v Switched

ECU Power ---Black / White stripe 12v Switched Power ---Wire to Relay 1 12v Switched

ECU backup power --- Red 12v Switched Power Relay 1 12v switched


Main ignition power

Black / Red
Blue / Red
 Connect Wires together. 12v switched/Relay 2 12v Switched


Brown Any +12V Switched O2 sensor power

Black / Yellow stripe Any +12V Switched Idle air control solenoid power


Black / Pink stripe Not Used. Fuel pump relay

Green / Orange stripe Not Used. Transmission neutral switch

Green / Yellow stripe Not Used. AC relay

Blue / Green stripe Not Used. AC relay







Here is the "Relay panel i fabricated up" You can do it how ever you wish, just make sure they are FUSED, and have power supply off a relay. 





(Update later with pictures of the routing i choose)

Requires cutting hole bigger and some sort of rubber grommets to prevent the sheet metal from rubbing threw the harness on fire wall. Runs as it would in the Nissan 240sx, ecu mounts to the kick panel of truck, and the power interface wires run any where into cab you wish, i ran mine to the center console. 



Water Temp

Tap and drill OEM water neck for sending unit. Then run wire to your gauge of your choice. 









You will find that the oem dash interface wire WILL not output a aftermarket gauge signal wire. (It did this for me anyways)

You will need to TAP PIN number 30



I haven't got to the Speedometer as of right now. 







*****I will brush up on the LOWER harness later on.****** 

Its pretty Simple.

Remove thick starter wire, and loom back up. 

Plug in the OEM sr20 lower harness into the trucks OEM harness. 


1. Starter wire, just plug trucks starter wire into sr pigtail sr lower harness, no need to cut open lower harness, just tap what you want off the sr pigtails. 

2. Alternator, Thick (+) Terminal to starter (+) Terminal. Then just 12v switch the white with red stripe wire. 

#1534792 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 14 December 2017 - 10:43 PM



Battery box installed



I got some cheap hood pins until i get some areolatch style hood pins.



It actually made it about 1 mile drive to my work =) I made a video, but i will see how well it came out before i post it. 


#1534482 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 13 December 2017 - 07:00 AM

Yea. I just drilled 3 little holes into them and screwed them to the grill. 



Anyways. Here is my long waited driveshaft! It was only $300 with new U-Joints! 








Crap air filter for now. This required losing the horns/relocating horns.






One under the intake



and one turbo coolant line leaking. 



And..back together, waiting for new line supplies to make a new line for the turbo.



So the truck is waiting one 1 line, hood pins, and some gauge holders to be back on the road. This will make it a 2 month long swap. Most of it was waiting on parts unfortunately. 

#1533537 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 07 December 2017 - 12:44 PM

Just drill a little hole and a few self tappers. 



New emblem...well new to me. I am going to refinish it of course. I like the yellow in it. 




This front is looking sexy. 




#1533380 Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

Posted by WallRocket on 06 December 2017 - 05:10 PM

Oh and my steel braided turbo coolant lines are leaking =(


BUT driveshaft is out being made! Should be finished in 1 week.