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In Topic: Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

18 January 2018 - 10:36 PM

My daily driver has bit the bullet and i am tired of having bad ass projects and shit daily drivers. I am most likely selling this truck and buying a newer car to daily drive. Don't worry guys, i will pick up another Datsun 620 and keep it going on the thread. I love Datsun 620 to much not to own one. Time to save up for another SR20 haha. Honestly it is a very easy swap. 

In Topic: Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

18 January 2018 - 10:33 PM

Thank you man for making this thread. Ive been playing with L20b's and blow through setups for about a year now and im ready to go fuel injected. I was debating between a KA or a SR but your thread (I think) has given me the courage to go for a SR20det swap. I also already have a garrett gt2554r turbo so I figure that would be perfect for the SR with a tune. My truck is already good to go as far as an intercooler/piping and a proper fuel pressure setup with a couple of edits.


I noticed that you didnt cut and raise your transmission tunnel like ive been seeing in other build threads? Were you able to get it in there without this step? My big fears are finding someone to do the driveshaft and hoping im not overlooking all the small stuff that goes into this swap. I see that Redeye has SR mounts now, so the plan is to get a set of those and space the trans crossmember to get the engine in there and take my time on the rest.





I didn't modify the truck to fit the engine. All i modified was the engine mounting on the frame rail, and the sr20 oem mounts as shown. I even left the OEM holes for the L series to go back in if needed. Oh, maybe we count the cutting of the steering column and bumper support brackets? No cutting of the actual truck what so ever. Notice it has a down tilt toward the back of the engine? That is to prevent cutting the truck. IDEALLY you might WANT to cut the floor, but i am to much of a purist to do so. Its not that bad of a angle on the driveshaft (mine is actually pretty dang straight.) I havent had a issue at all in that subject. 


Only issue i have is the reverse hitting the seat/shift boot. I have to hold it down in reverse. Also, my engine is slightly shimmed up on the turbo side to clear that large s15 turbo. Nothing major or effects anything really. Just some notes since your wanting to run a slightly bigger turbo yourself.  


15 January 2018 - 08:53 PM

Shit this was last year.



15 January 2018 - 08:52 PM

This makes me want to throw away my welder and re-do my whole swap.

Good work man. It's like fabrication porn.

In Topic: Wallrockets Datsun 620 (Sr20det round 2)

10 January 2018 - 10:05 AM

After a month and a half wait...my gauge holders came in! No more electric tape holding them in!



Doing my last engine rebuild swap over at my shop. RIP SHOP. 

Datsun 620 sr20 hauling a rebuilt/forged sr20det! 





I picked up a front and rear subframe for the truck...






Happy days!