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In Topic: Potential 620

Yesterday, 01:54 PM

I looked at the pictures again and found this.


The front vallnce is hammered and pushed back on the drivers side. it look like the drivers fender is buckled at the top of the wheel well.  I am guess that raising the hood will sho that the drivers side inner fender is buckled as well as the radiator support being pushed back. 


I would look this truck over vary closely before buying it.


After seing what I just described and  if this is indeed the problems with this truck I would walk away.

In Topic: Potential 620

Yesterday, 01:47 PM

At best your are looking at a 40 year old truck that appears to have had basic general maintenance, nothing major in repairs from outward appeerances.  You are looking at a project at best.


There is no telling if it will continue running fair or at all.  The seller being fague in his response to your questions is a complete turn off to me. 


There is a difference in pricing and value from the West Coast to the East Coast. 


This is not a king cab or a deluxe truck.  It is more desirable because of the front disk brakes but is less desirable because it has to pass smog in my oppinion. 


It appears to have at some time during its history had a paint job.  I has a non matching interior and appears to have not had any major mechanical work done to it.


If I was buying it I would have a mechanic look it over and maybe even run a compression test on.


I would offer $2000 for it and walk if you can not get it for $2500 or less.


Remeber all 40 year old vehicles will need more than average repairs to keep them on the road if you intend on daily driving it.

In Topic: Potential 620

20 March 2018 - 11:42 PM

I think you need to ask what has been done to the truck to make it worth the asking price?

In Topic: Just bought a 521

20 March 2018 - 11:37 PM

Do you have a body ground at the rear of the bed? it is usually near the stock license plate light.

In Topic: 1980 720 Bed Swap

20 March 2018 - 06:11 AM

All you need is tail lights then.