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In Topic: Wiper motor replacement

Yesterday, 05:12 PM

No on the 620 fitting.


There is a write up on Ratsun about the Mazda wiper swap but I think it was for a 510.

In Topic: 521 Transmission Swap

Yesterday, 04:59 PM

Nobody said

Correct amount to cut of or correct length of bracket.

no one mentioned throw out bearing collars
causing issues if the dogleg was pulled from l20b

clutch fork as well as how much to lower the mount cause it hits the top of trans tunnel. Also shifter needed to be heated to be bent. And for that the little bushing needs to be taken off with a high chance of breaking so buy a new one at dealer before hand.
there are so many little things.

All to take into consideration

Sorry i was just pissed took me three days for the swap as well as taking the engine out 3 times

I have shortened several of the 521 transmounts over the years and each one was a litlle different in length.  I attribute the length difference to old rubber mounts.  they have varied from removing 1 7/8" to 2 and 1/16".  This is why when I drew the white lines on the transmount and posted it I did noy give a dimension.  It is easy enough to measure and get it correct to fit your application.


Here is a series of pictures I have collected over the years of various transmount mods people have done.
























This is as much spoon feeding I will do.  If you cannot measure you should not attempt this type mod, not to mention welding.

In Topic: Charlie 69........

Yesterday, 04:33 PM

Thanks guys, it is all about survival and being able to move!  LOL


RW I am still looking for 1 truck I want to send you.  Is there a thread on you 510 with pictures?

In Topic: How to: KA24DE swap into 720

22 June 2017 - 08:11 PM

What you have is a 720.  The hard body is the next generation Nissan truck (D21).  The 720s ran from late 1979 to early 1986.  The hardbody ran from late 1986 to 1997.

In Topic: Datsun 720 powersteering

22 June 2017 - 08:05 PM

If you buy a tilt column get it complete with turn signal switdh and clam shell.  These are tilt column specific.