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March 26th Eugene, OR Cars Coffee- today

25 March 2017 - 01:01 PM

Just saw this posted on Facebook, yah I know. Fuck Facebook.

Today 03-26-17

Home Depot parking lot
1045 Green Acres Rd
Eugene, OR 97408

I'm going. Who's in?

WPL312 Naughty Gnome Wagon

18 March 2017 - 07:56 PM

Once again a sweet little gem popped up for sale, on Craigslist, and I grabbed it up. It was in Washougal, WA and my boss just happened to be in Vamcouver when I found it and I asked him to go pay the guy for it. And it worked.

I now own my first Datsun car, a 64 WPL312. The Naughty Gnome Wagon.

This is the pic some of you may have already seen




Those are the only pics I have at this point because by the time I got home it was getting dark. I did have some time before it got dark to do an inventory of the goodies laying about the goon. The guy I got it from said he literally brought it home around 2000 and never touched it but whoever had it before him was clearly hot rodding it and had pulled a lot of exterior parts. There was a lot of the little important parts (door handles, headlight buckets and trim, taillight bezels and lenses, badges, ect.) but some of the biggest import was not there (bumpers, grill, fuel tank, drivers side back door trim and some glass. The drivers side back door glass and drivers side rear window are gone. Didn't take a pick of that side. Oh and the floors are bad.

All the other glass is intact and the guy I bought it from said he thinks he has the grill. Fingers and toes crossed I'll get a call saying he found it. He did have a few very full shops on his property. I think he had like 5 project cars, and two racecars he was working all at the same time plus the maybe dozen other cars around the property.

Plans that I came up with so far. I want to continue the hot rod theme but Datsun style. So sort of a hot rod track car.

-The flames are staying
-Sheet metal repair the floors
-Aseries motor swap
-Aftermarket fuel cell
-Disc brake all around upgrade with modern equipment
-Replumb with all new fuel and brake lines.
-Front coilovers
-4-Link rear end
-Lowered on 13's
-Source trim, glass gaskets, bumpers and grill (when pigs fly). Some other window gaskets could be made to work.
-Have flat glass cut for missing windows.
-Reupholster seats, door panels, head liner, tailgate and rear package area side panels.

But I'm also considering a body drop, because the floors are so bad already, and air bag suspension.

Big dreams for this project. It's going to take a while to get there but I think it's very possible.

What's working for you? Using qa1 coilovers with Beebani brackets

28 February 2017 - 10:06 PM

So it's time to talk coilovers. I've paid Beebani for his UCA and LCA assembly as well as the coilover mounting brackets. I want to go disc brakes and get rid of the kingpins and go ball joint so the torsion bars are gone too. They will ship soon so I need to decide on the coilovers I'm going to run. I've done my research and I've decided QA1 as other have done before.

These are what I'm looking at and will be using the QA1 7HT400 springs

I really couldn't find the specifics of what people used so if you've used these ad had issues or success please let me know.

QA1 Proma Star Double Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks
Thinking of using DD301 or DD303. Probably too expensive for me

Ultra Ride Coil-Over Shocks
Thinking of using US301. Not offered at US303 on there site.

Proma Star Single Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks
Thinking of using DS301 or DS303.

The 301's have a Mounting Recommended Ride Heigh, Spring Length, Compressed Height, Extended Height of 9.5-10", 7 ", 8.75" and 11.125", respectfully.

The 303's have a Mounting Recommended Ride Heigh, Spring Length, Compressed Height, Extended Height of 10.75-11.25", 7/8/9", 9.5", 12.75", respectfully.

What's the difference?

18 December 2016 - 09:37 PM

Why do some threads, such as 'Finally Back...Dapper Lighting' are allowed to go on trying to promote and sell products, not getting locked (started just back Feb '16 and currently at 20 pages), and others such as the recent '620 Mud Guards' do get locked as soon as they are posted?

What's the difference?

I want info about these parts and now the guy likely won't be back. I know that folks who have been around here for a while should know better, cough Gene with the 620 glass thread, but maybe some of these threads can be left open for a while so people can get a little info about parts, start a dialogue, before the seller gets shut down.

I know that sounds a lot like the old classifieds


29 October 2016 - 05:13 PM

I found me some barNLove!

Wednesday my phone buzzes. It Draker. Say,
"check out the 320 thread."

Wayno say, ".....NL320 could be had for $800."

So I PM Wayno and he directs me to NICO club where Oregon Jim has posted a truck that belonged to Ed. Said it's been in the barn for almost 20 years

I move into freak out action mode, called Ed a bunch of times.

Thursday, called Ed a bunch if times again and get through. Talk to him about coming to see the truck on Saturday.

The rest of Thursday and Friday I'm sweating hoping someone else does buy it first, thank

Saturday drove up and picked it. Ed knew I wanted it bad and jacked up the price. He may have been bs'n me by saying someone offered him more than the last amount we talked about but it was going in the trailer.



It's been sitting in my my dad's trailer for the last two week waiting for me to clear some room out in my cluttered garage but now it's home. It's a small garage but it fits. Still need to priorities some more room to give it more space to breath and space for me to work on things this rainy winter.




All that crap in the back won't be there long

Plans will be go through brakes, they are rubbing bad. Clean up and check column shift linkage and linkage at the transmission. Get the engine to turn over by hand. Clean up E1 and engine bay. Tune up. Change all fluids( motor, trans, rearend, brake, fuel). Hot tank and flush fuel tank. Wheel seal lube. Reupholster seat. Drive.