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Thermostat Flowage

14 May 2013 - 01:17 PM

My old housing had the flow by port blocked. I just got the new one and it has it on it but cant find where it would go on the motor. No blocked ports by the water inlet. Just the metal inlet at the bottom front of the passenger side with the heating draw hose coming off that. Im told it can cause the problems. The last owners said overheating was never a problem until recently. So I have a new higher flow thermostat and a three bolt housing. Now the question is could I just cut off the air bleeder and let just a small amount of water by. The hole for the air bleed is tiny but I would think big enough to let flow through not enough to inhibit the cooling of the radiator. Ideas? How else could I pipe the bypass hose into the motor with out buying more parts?

Thermostat Housing ASAP

07 May 2013 - 05:18 PM

Broke a bolt then broke a drill bit off in the bolt now I think its toast. Looking for 2 or 3 hole but read that the 3 hole is better and will bolt to the u67 head all the same. Also looking to do this as soon as possible I have to get this thing up for practice in a week. Let me know thanks guys!

Skid Plates

03 April 2013 - 11:21 AM

So Ill be making a custom skid plate out of aluminum shortly and was curious if any of you guys that lower your cars would want to buy one? I would try to keep the price very cheap and make it either 2 piece or 1 piece. I plan for it to go from very front of car to around the trans mount maybe a bit further depending on bolt locations. Im just gauging interest to see if I should be making a template. It would be made from T6 aluminum at 3/16th, prices would be around 200ish but that is just a guess based on cost of the metal. Again this is just seeing if I should make a template so gauging interest.

Introduction so Im not so Creepy

20 March 2013 - 08:48 AM

Hey guys figured I would Introduce myself since im always sending people messages about classified adds. I own a 71 2 door rallye style 510. It has a lot of things that break and rattle off so thats why I spend the majority of my time scouting classifieds for a good deal. I live on the northern most point of Wisconsin on Lake Superior but keep the car in Minneapolis since my brother has more specialty tools. IF any of you guys want to meet up with datsuns I would love to see other engine set ups. Mine is a L20b(truck version) bored to 2300 with a shaved u67 head with twin 44 mikunis. 11-1 compression with around 150hp at the wheels 5 speed trans to a r180 clutch LSD with disks on all 4. Safari rally springs in all 4 corners with coilovers in front and dodge charger shocks in back. Sadly im not as cool as most you guys and didnt build it, I just break it. I do build a lot of diesels though mainly 6.5 Detroit turbo diesels so if any of guys have questions on those I would be glad to help out. I guess thats all for now heres some pics to make this an official thread Most of these photos are from previous owner but the first one is my and my copilot in the green sweeter. One last thing if anybody would like to follow a datsun rally team on facebook like us! www.facebook.com/JynxMotorsports Ill be doing a sticker give away when I hit 50 people 3 stickers will randomly go out to fans. Maybe one teeshirt depending on the quality when it arrives. Talk to you guys soon!