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Duncan Car Collection,Christianburg,VA - Worth a Visit

26 October 2017 - 06:27 PM

         Went down there this afternoon.I was greeted by the owner,Gary,

& his assistant.

             They have tons of cars that you can walk in & see,mostly JDM,

but a nice selection of top quality American cars/trucks.All are for sale.

            I think I saw at least 50 Nissan Figaros,+ over 100 minivans/pickups.

I'd probably do this,if I had his money.He owns numerous car dealerships

in the area.



B210 Spotted!

20 October 2017 - 08:03 PM

                     Just off the South side of I90,just East of Big Timber,Montana.

Looked like a '78,& appeared to be in great shape.It was Red.

                   I didn't have time to stop & check it out.Hopefully someone will

save it.

I FINALLY Get to Say It!

20 October 2017 - 07:51 PM

                                                           "I DON'T LIVE IN CALIFORNIA ANY MORE!".


                     I'm in Souix Falls,South Dakota right now,on my way to Roanoke,Virginia.

I plan on heading to Cedar Rapids,Iowa,then to Bourbannis,Illinois,the to Dayton,Ohio,

& on to Roanoke.

                    Now I can buy a car newer than 1975 - if I can find the money.

Heading to Montana/Virginia - Needs Parts Hauled?

07 October 2017 - 09:09 PM

               Leaving next Saturday (10/14),& going to Portland,Spokane,Kalispell,Billings,

& on to Omaha,Cedar Rapids,Chicago,Kankakee,Dayton,& on to Roanoke,Virginia.

                I'll be taking the '96 Ford F150 Supercab,4WD,shortbed,& towing a 1967 MGB GT.

Could use money to help defray the cost of the move.

                  If you're interested,let me know,maybe we could work something out.  

I Just Have to Laugh.....or, Things Come in Threes

04 October 2017 - 09:39 PM

                  Got into my "new" truck ('96 Ford F150) yesterday,& noticed a note

under one of the wiper blades.Seems that a 16 year old boy backed into it,&

left the note with his information.

               When I talked to him,I let him know that I wasn't happy about it,but I

made sure that I commended him on "doing the right thing",as he could have

just driven off,& I wouldn't have seen it until later.

                 I'm still upset,in that the body was in really nice shape,with original-

paint,with a few minor dings & scrapes.

                 Withing that last month,I've had my '95 Dodge Dakota backed into,

& I found out that the the driver had no insurance.At least I got a good price

for it,without fixing it.

                   Then as week after the Dakota got hit,I heard a crash in front of

the house,& saw a newer For F150 had hit my car trailer,with the B210 parts car

on it.Guy took off,& I tried,but couldn't find him.Cost me $500 to fix it,& now this.

                 I'm leaving for Virginia (via Kalispell,Montana),on October 14th,& don't

need more things to deal with like this.

                 I want a boring year!