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                    "Now it takes up the same amount of space in the garage as a Datsun."

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National Guard paid millions to NFL teams for in-game soldier salutes
May 11, 2015

During timeouts at home games, the New York Jets air a Hometown Heroes segment in which a U.S. soldier or two are shown on the Jumbotron and everyone thanks them for their service. The soldiers and three friends get seats in the Coaches Club. It’s a nice salute.

It’s also funded by U.S. taxpayers.

In news that was first reported Tuesday by Herb Jackson of the Bergen Record and expanded upon by Christopher Baxter and Jonathan D. Salant of New Jersey Advance Media, the Department of Defense paid 14 NFL teams $5.4 million from 2011 to 2014 for salutes like the Hometown Heroes segment and other advertising at professional football games. All but $100,000 of that money came from the National Guard.




                                   "Your Tax Dollars At Work". Couldn't this have been better spent

                to help take care of our Vets?

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                  So when did they move it to New Mexico?

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Now swap the work NASCAR in there. I wouldn't cross the street to watch NASCAR today. How great and exciting it used to be in the '60s/'70s when I watched it on Wild World Of Sports and even earlier in the 50s. Today it's all about boring mediocrity, red neck bar-b-q and fireworks??? For what? 30 cars that are all withing 0.5 seconds of each other?  Chevs, Dodge and Fords that all have the same engines in them? WTF??? Only a red neck born after 1970 could get excited about this.


                   But they do have different stickers on them,so that you 

can tell what brand of car they're supposed to be.

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                   Those Pharmacists must have some really bad colds!