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洋子 (Yoko) 81 210

18 February 2017 - 12:08 PM

Thought I'd do a build thread for the newly acquired dato. Not the first 210, rather the second. First a desert yellow 2 door A15 w/ ac and the whole ten yards of dealer options. This is one is quite different, except for that of the body shape.


Back History: It was first sold at the former Courtesy Datsun down in Fairfield, CA in 1981. Was driven around the bay and eventually the owner moved up to the Sacramento area. It resided there up until my purchase. It was in the late 90's early 2000 that it was parked because of failed smog. Sat in the garage till 07/02/16. Property was being cleaned up by the PO I purchased from. It was given to him by the Og owner. What the deal was between the two is unknown to me but I do say that the PO was the first to have the vehicle out in the rain from what the vehicle looked like. 


PO made no tempt to get the vehicle running or driving rather got the paperwork straighten out and made a flip out of it. It was at-least 2 months on craigslist before I took the decision to buy it sight unseen. Couple of days chat and 1 week later it was in my possession, 02/06/17. This gives ya an Idea how long PO had it for.



From here on its in my possession: The arrival day was raining, foggy and depressing. None the less I was freaking out and hoping for it not to be a rust-bucket. As the tow rig made it's way down the street it looked awesome! Ya, it was nasty but no rust on the externals of the body. Hope prevailed. Further body search internally revealed none either. Or the underside either for that matter. I repent not taking images of the pool of water it had in the trunk area, it looked like shit.


18 October 2016 - 11:22 AM

Now I am no writer, rather quite bad at it so I'll do the best I can.  Finally going to get down and do a "build thread" on some rusty  :poop:   .

Where to begin....start, well maybe. I tend to get lost sometimes.



March 2016: On my local FB cars for sale page looking for a roof rack and I come to see this dats truck post, no pics. It hit me like a hammer hitting your fingers. Ya that's the Rig I need!


29780380823_26309dbe13_z.jpgvgg by cad lab, on Flickr


Raced over. Didn't even break a sweat. Same day I was there purchasing it.


30411906615_aeb114d4d9_z.jpg12512377_1079930802029154_4470967612395419376_n by cad lab, on Flickr

30295250212_ed05d43679_z.jpg1463161_1079931872029047_1267133945556141865_n by cad lab, on Flickr

Present Day: Having owned a late model datsun, to be more specific a 1979 A10. The ones that most people regard as "not an official 510". Time had flown. It had been 4 years, 460k miles of roads driven and so much enjoyment. Something about the napz makes it one mean motor, I tell ya. Don't matter what anyone says it's awesome in my book. To financially support the move or "upgrade" I sold the A10 to someone who had one years ago. Now it's only pictures and memories but forward we must go.


A lot has been done and I'll slowly be updating the tread.