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16 September 2017 - 03:11 PM

Can't beat FREE! Datsun 810 sedan & 510 goon. Good sheet metal or parts?



37096834752_3af7d2cbc8_c.jpg00p0p_juCfxcGWo7O_1200x900 by cad lab, on Flickr

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16 September 2017 - 02:40 PM

Stalling continued: Drove er to Novato. 70+ mph and stopped in Santa Rosa Nissan. In the 260 miles not a single stall occurred today. 

36430711074_c98d6e1fa5_o.pngniss by cad lab, on Flickr

I think it was this past Thursday when I arrived home when it stalled and flooded. I immediately had my neighbor hold the fuel pedal while I messed with the return line. Disconnecting didn't help the leak nor did removing fuel cap. I decided to drive back out again in which case when I returned home after 1 mile she didn't stall or leak.

Maybe the float needle is getting stuck and over flowing though the secondary?

I'm running out of potential culprits... We'll see.

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16 September 2017 - 02:12 PM

Got a chance to finally do the front wheel bearings. Got the parts in about 3 months ago. Vibration finally got worse so it was time.

37268578615_eb3b1b5982_c.jpgP1030680 by cad lab, on Flickr

Overall not a difficult process. Remove caliper bolts and center nut. Pretty much all of it comes out.

37268637915_77684f8953_c.jpgP1030676 by cad lab, on Flickr

Remove, clean and install new one with grease. Fill er up with tons new grease. Aka remove all of the old shit!

37095949262_c9f8bb7065_c.jpgP1030677 by cad lab, on Flickr

Reinstall and tighten nut to 20-25lbs. Rebolt caliber and your done.

36453623983_a268db4389_c.jpgP1030678 by cad lab, on Flickr

Bolt on the tire and shake it. If there's any play somethings up. Otherwise your ready to roll.

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06 September 2017 - 08:44 PM

Researching the plate number, it looks like this car was on the road at least as late as 2013 when someone made an abandoned vehicle complaint about it.  It looks as if it was registered to someone named Terry Lee.  Unfortunately the only photos I have left are black and white, but according to the S.F. Parking & Traffic documents, it was blue.

Renewal fees show some info. It looks like someone had its registration paid till June 2017. It's a 74 which is most likely the only reason it's been kept.

36681318520_bd04cd668d_z.jpgtags744 by cad lab, on Flickr

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06 September 2017 - 05:33 PM

Did some maintenance yesterday such as oil change and fluid levels. All checked out great. Pulled one spark plug to check it's color for fun. It's looking orange with no carbon buildup. Dam impressed with it.


As for the above situation. It's been cool, below 80's which hasn't been good to test idea with but I also haven't had a single problem. No fuel pressure in tank either. So patience it is.


Took er for a stroll just to add more miles & test lens. 4K left till 290k, can't wait! :frantics:

36240143954_090cea9b9a_c.jpgDSCN0604 by cad lab, on Flickr

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