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In Topic: New to club with '72 1200

23 July 2016 - 01:32 PM

Damn dude sad to hear you gave up like that, sounds like you were taking on too many projects at once, if I were you I would just get a harbor freight spray gun, buy the paint yourself with half mineral spirits spray it yourself with a bit of 2000 grit wetsanding in between coats for good measure, it already seems prepped for paint and with a nice cheap spray would be worth alot more in the long run if you do decide on selling it in the end.

Nah, it ain't about the money. Hell, the rims/tires on my E63 AMG wagon cost more than what I have into this car. It's the combination of my OCD coupled with the time and headache of a large-scale project that I just don't want to deal with anymore. I know it will be worth a lot more finished, but I'm moving on. I already have my Japanese fix taken care of with my '76 Mazda RX3 Coupe. It's on ebay right now open to offers. If someone wants the car only that's fine too as I can just put the F20C in my AE86 Corolla GT-S.

In Topic: New to club with '72 1200

15 June 2016 - 02:58 PM

I'm gonna try fleabay and see if there's any bites. Up for grabs in case any of you guys are looking for another project. 

In Topic: New to club with '72 1200

25 May 2016 - 10:28 AM

Thanks, guys. No worries. My ad on Craigslist got flagged. Did some research and looks like overzealous assholes are policing CL and flagging project vehicles because they believe they belong in parts section. I'm just gonna hold onto it for the time being and keep collecting parts to finish it. 

In Topic: New to club with '72 1200

23 May 2016 - 12:00 PM

Thanks, guys. We'll see what happens. I put it on CL to see if there would be any bites but then the ad was flagged for removal for some reason.

If it doesn't sell, I'll just continue stacking parts and getting it ready to finish eventually. I took a look at it this morning and most of the work that was done was of decent quality and it's pretty complete.If it doesn't sell, I'll just continue gathering parts and eventually get to it. I don't need the money, the space isn't an issue, and the wife doesn't care what I do. It's just a matter of lost interest due to so much time wasted. I just need motivation, lol. 

In Topic: New to club with '72 1200

19 May 2016 - 09:16 PM

Great car. Love the Nova.

In the other hand. Is there is any reason shop don't like to even touch  a imported car?  Jap in this case. They act if they going to get some terminal disease  if they work on a Japanese car.

Money is money. You quote your job fairly and You should  care less  if it is a Jap, Korean, o whatever that may be.

That happens to me couple of weeks ago, when I try to get my ID Tag refurbished. They simply say no.  When in there wed they stated they would be able to do to any car and model.

Well, that is how thing goes.

Good Luck with the 1200.

Thanks. It's all good. I'm gonna put it up for sale and see if anyone bites. If not, I'll be having it built locally where I can at least monitor progress. My favorite part about the Nova build was that every time I dropped in say, every other week, I saw progress. It was the first shop I've experienced this with which, sadly, is rare. It was pretty disheartening to go twice in 6 months to the last shop the 1200 was at and only see it under a thicker layer of dust.

Oftentimes, builders prefer to stick to what they know, which is why some are hesitant to try different stuff. I'm sure shop that built my Nova would do it since it would be a cakewalk for them and it is, at least, "vintage", lol. While the work they do is not cheap, you get what you pay for. Although the quality is worth it, I dont know if I want to be sinking $40k+ into a 1200 either, lol.