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510 wagon rear disc conversion

05 October 2017 - 11:55 AM

So I've recently been fed the hell up with my rear drums and I was curious as to what people use for there rears.

I've of course searched and read many and since I have an h190 rear end, it would be awesome to use the beabani setup but that's the six lug for a truck etc.


With that being said, does anyone know if I used the same isuzu setup but instead of the isuzu rotor, used maybe a zx rotor, or maybe another four lug rotor that's the same size in diameter as the isuzu's? Would it fit or would it cause issues because of the depth of the actual rotor on the hub. 


Reason I ask is because I can have a beabani bracket made for me for pretty cheap and I would source the rest because I work at oreileys. 

And budget is always a problem being a college kid. :(


If anyone is selling a setup while you're reading this, feel free to pm me lol 

32/36 dgv air filter

05 October 2017 - 12:49 AM

Just wanted personal opinion on what you guys thought was the better air filter. I’m ditching my siderafts for a bit because I can tune a weber and get it going better but I have yet to purchase a filter.

I was debating between the ram flo filter or the k&n knock off which would be a thin square filter. I doubt there’s much difference?

Also, has anyone run a 32/36 with a strut bar inside a 510? I was wondering if the t3 strut bar will even clear if I have the filter