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#1469908 1971 510 2 dr. L20b turbo conversion to carb

Posted by DatMo on 11 March 2017 - 01:14 AM


#1466297 Speedhut gauges

Posted by DatMo on 27 February 2017 - 11:32 AM

Im pretty sure he ALSO wants something that looks good afterwards

the gauge is just about the entire size of the visible area in the stock 510 dash. You can paint it black and you wouldn't even be able to see it. It would serve as a mounting plate that's firm. Be my guest and use something less as sturdy. With the dash being black, you'll see a minimal amount of the metal anyways and if it were painted black, I don't think a single person besides the car's owner would know what it was... so yeah, something that functions well and looks even better.

Edit: this is the install on a 510 and I know this because I've done it. As far as a 620, it looks to be plug and play.

#1464073 Let's try this again; flatcat's 521

Posted by DatMo on 21 February 2017 - 01:47 AM

still one of my fav green trucks lol

#1463595 Pooper - 1969 510

Posted by DatMo on 19 February 2017 - 10:22 PM


#1462455 Pooper - 1969 510

Posted by DatMo on 15 February 2017 - 05:03 PM

Bro how the fucking shit on the gauges. They're beast.
Can you dm me what company you used? My brother is interested for his 522 ;) and doooddd lets take nude pics of us and our 510's. my shit is registered etc naoooo

#1431147 Ron1200's '79 KC 620

Posted by DatMo on 31 October 2016 - 09:41 AM

Looks great man

#1430221 Spacers

Posted by DatMo on 27 October 2016 - 09:41 AM

My rule number one (for rims).... Never fall in love with rims that don't fit. They are like having a super model girlfriend.... look great and everyone want's her, but what they don't know is, the rest of the time she's a high maintenance needy pain in the ass and YOU have to make all the changes in the relationship. Rims should fit the car not the car fit the rims.

Fair enough. Completely respectable but I'm already too deeply in love lol

#1429893 Sh!ts and Giggles 510

Posted by DatMo on 25 October 2016 - 11:43 PM

Looks great man keep it up

#1429891 Supercharged VG30 ,stretched 720 Pickup

Posted by DatMo on 25 October 2016 - 11:41 PM


#1429622 Chocolate covered circus peanut

Posted by DatMo on 24 October 2016 - 09:42 PM

Awesome sUpper jealous and the grille is rare af lol. I'm excited to see what you do. I think you're extremely talented so I look forward to this.

#1429456 427 Corvette engine in '73 620?.

Posted by DatMo on 24 October 2016 - 12:36 PM

Agreed with fast 720. Do your thing and rock it!!! I'm excited for it.

#1429298 Loud noise from freshly installed engine

Posted by DatMo on 23 October 2016 - 10:25 PM

Awesome man!

#1429039 Supercharged VG30 ,stretched 720 Pickup

Posted by DatMo on 22 October 2016 - 08:34 PM

Awesome call and you get the best of both worlds. Really envy your work.

#1428949 Supercharged VG30 ,stretched 720 Pickup

Posted by DatMo on 22 October 2016 - 10:44 AM

That's still awesome imo but the blower sticking out is more aggressive

#1426740 Red 71 4dr - Street/Autocross/Track - Soon w/ Twin Cams + Carbs

Posted by DatMo on 13 October 2016 - 10:38 PM

Looks great! Soeedhut is the way to go! Great job man!!! Hope you're proud of yourself cuz it's great!