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521 speedo cable

23 April 2018 - 10:26 AM

Has anybody tried the PIONEER brand speedo cables?

I used up all my spares. I got mine from Partsgeek but was no cable in the housing.


I see they list 510 speedo cables and 521 trottle cables also




I swear I tied a Pioneer for my 510 maybe 20 years ago and didnt work right. Maybe it was just wrong part. I just got from dealer but they all dried up now

521 brake drums and shoes?

20 April 2018 - 06:38 AM

I  had my front brakes act up for a while and finally cked out the front left and my pad separated from the shoe.

This was a brand I got from O Rileys which said Made In China. Only a 1.5 years old. I figure by now most are made in china.

I have been using old stock brake drums but need a new set as  my spares have gotten thin. Has anybody ordered new Drums and from which company with perfect fit install. Also did one need to get them turned as I had a bad results with Chinese Drums for a Cherokee and they needed to be turned even if NEW. Bunch a shit what I think.


Brembo brand had 521 drums for sale on a site but they are all gone now.

Rock auto has the orange DElux pads for 20 anybody try them out?  Be honest truck dont go fast enouff anyways so cheap pads weill work just dont want them to separate. I installed spares shoes . These where from 15yrs ago and say Made in Canada

battery hold downs for 521

04 February 2018 - 01:32 PM

My square box type batter hold down has rotted out and can seem to find any new ones near by. What are people using to hold down battery besides Rbber cord/Bungy staps.


I would like to use the stock holes on end with the threaded hooks.


They type I see now is the one that goes across the middle but the inner fender well don't have a hole or mount to use the hooks


Photos would help.


My option is to go across the top from Pos to neg side with a bar type set up and hold it that way but don't want to use metal in case it slides and hits the posts

Power Select(Alternators)

21 November 2017 - 02:17 PM

Rockauto has is starting to list Brand New made alternators for some of our Datsuns. Example 70 510s and 521s. I seen listed ofr 72 trucks also.


Has anybody tried these out?

Yes they are made in China. But my batch of Autozone ,O Rileys rebuilt in Mexico  cased Hitachi's  just isnt cutting it anymore. Nowe I see rebuit in China on the boxes(autozone, O riley) but these are NOT old Jap cases. So who knows


I dont want to run a huge alt in my 521



Anybody use the POWER SELECT? reviews?

521 no charge

02 June 2017 - 04:54 AM

My 521 is not charging again.Happen last night so no time to look at it.

The 1st fuse on the left keeps popping. THis time replace fuse turn key ON but no ignition light.

Alt is only 3/4 months old.


Fuck I cant get more than 6 months before this thing breaks again.

Last fix was a new alter. prvios fix was reseat the instrument panel.


aJust wonder if its the alternator again.