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In Topic: 610 stall

Yesterday, 05:24 PM

Make sure the carb the 2nd barrel is closed and not partial open as it will make it look like a vaccum leak.


try 12-15 BTDC on the timming at idle

In Topic: 610 stall

Yesterday, 05:17 PM

if runnign fine then why the jets would change?

You said this car was good when I ran into you.



You have a ballast resisitor with the coil?


recheck the dist gap as points gave me most of my issues. then it was the car next.

If carb is new then I highly think maybe something else besides a dirty idle jet.



maybe soemthing bad when you over reved? 


distributor have wiggle?  really notice when a misgapped points

In Topic: L20b compatible Carbs

Yesterday, 05:12 PM

there was soem made in Italy Solexes. I had a pair I got free but sold them. Didint know where to get parts for them.


They all pretty much the same but key is getting the full kit with linkages. Otherwise the carbs dont know its sucking gas from a Alfa or a Datsun

In Topic: 1986 Nissan 720 base 2wd build

23 May 2018 - 12:44 PM


In Topic: Building a new motor.

23 May 2018 - 11:44 AM

This is just my Opinion.

 SR20 turbos get maybe 180-200 to the ground.This is a modern motor


getting 200hp to the flywheel on a L motor is a magic trick by using money/machining skills with a manchinist you dont know ect...  A really good distributor(ignition). This is really 1960s technology


140/150hp to the ground MIGHT be possible  anymore I would not considerate a good daily driver motor( around town )



SEEN 200 with a TURBO and some other magic tricks.


 A KA with a Turbo is like 250 to the ground


be honest I bet your the only 510 with in100miles where you live. Just seeing you drive one in your area  is really worth more than putting all this into it it in my opinion.