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In Topic: Which LSD path should I take for my 510

Yesterday, 08:13 AM

find a early R160 clutch type and use the 510 stubs.  one day install.

I had a extra I bought for 200 and later sold for 400 as I wasn't using it. however THEY ARE 3.70 gear ratio good for the Hiway.


I only like tthem when I turn the wheel hard and hit the gas so I can spin the car around.

Takeoffs of better at a light when wet.

The Cool factor of telling somebody you have one is the MONEY SHOT of it really. I got a LSD. Oh wow your so cool.



If you have a high power car it might make driving harder if one don't know how to drive(spin car around)

In Topic: Air, fuel and spark, but won't start

Yesterday, 06:55 AM

theres someone close by that can help you in Portland.

L motors are EZ its something simple. This was running before.


gas squirting in carb when you cycle gas?

Valave lash good?

1342 counter clock wise fire order



it will fire

In Topic: Air, fuel and spark, but won't start

21 February 2018 - 07:48 AM

You sure its 1 3 4 2 counterclock wise fire order.?


ck the valave lash NOW!!!!!also. not that it staerer before so I dont think its it but never know

In Topic: No power?

21 February 2018 - 06:26 AM

if you pump the gas and see gas shooting in it means the bowl has gas in it. unless it running out as it runs. But usually at idle takes aehile before it empties the bowl

In Topic: Air, fuel and spark, but won't start

20 February 2018 - 11:38 AM

I never seen a early Datsun coil go bad.

I seen the loosing the hot start 12volts or 12volt going to the coil when back is back to ON. Most time its the ballast wire loose or the connector in back by key switch.


You can have spark and gas but no compression it not going to start

If you dump gas in carb and then it starts it shows you have compression and spark.

So do the math. Is it means how about ck the valve lash on this L16.