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All Japanese Classic - BC Canada - Aug 27, 2017

25 August 2017 - 01:25 PM

http://www.alljapaneseclassic.com/  ALL JAPANESE CLASSIC.
AUGUST 27, 2017.

Come join 250 other Japanese-made classics for a day in Beautiful British Columbia.

What is eligible for the show?

Anything Japanese! If you think your car/bike/truck is a Japanese Classic, so do we.

But we will be (loosely) following the Collector Car year cut-off of 25 years for the various classes (AJC16 will be 1991, AJC17 will be 1992).

So if your car is a 1992MY+, you will be in the Neo Classic class this year.


Once again this event is held on a Sunday so that our buddy Ted can not attend.

Project Cars - video game

16 May 2017 - 10:25 AM

Does anyone enjoy racing games?

I've been playing Project Cars and I even bought the Japanese add-on pack of cars. I assumed they would have something from Nissan but they didn't. Not even one Z from any year.


Project Cars 2 looks like it will have several Nissans including the 240Z







Return of the Z - Bleach's 280Z turbo build (1978)

15 May 2017 - 08:49 AM

Summer of 2016, purchased a 280ZX turbo "parts car" sight unseen and had the car put in storage down in southern Oregon. I picked it up on December 31st and put it in storage closer to home.


May 2017, bought a 280Z in Eastern Washington and brought it home.


The ultimate goal is to have the 280Z running the L28 turbo along with some other body and suspension modifications. LED headlights, 240Z bumpers, wide wheels, lowered 2 inches, 4-wheels disc brakes. For the moment I'm limited on my workspace so I may get the 280ZX turbo running and drive it around. During this time I can tinker on the 280Z and maybe do some brakes and suspension work.


You might see the 280ZX at a Datsun meet sooner than the 280Z. For now, the 280Z runs fine...


prod001.jpg prod002.jpg prod003.jpg








This may be a slow process but please be patient with me.


280Z looks completely stock front to back. L28 with all emissions crap. Nice quiet exhaust. 5-speed manual with sloppy shifter. Spare tire, Nissan scissor jack, can 'o air. Brakes feel ok but the previous owner admitted there may be something up with the rear drums. All four shocks are worn and the car bounces a lot.

Thanks goes out to UberKevin for stopping by to see this 280Z and doing a great pre-buyers inspection.


280ZX turbo is basically stock as well. It was hit in the rear corner and then parked. Doesn't run now but only because it sat for a couple years. In theory it shouldn't have anything really wrong with it. Needs a tune-up, new oil, and fresh gas I'm hoping. Being a 1981 turbo, it has the automatic transmission.


Continual thanks to Ted for helping me with both these cars.

Planet of the Datsuns POTD - May 21 - north Seattle, 2017

28 April 2017 - 09:12 AM

We're bringing back POTD and moving north a bit to Seattle


Magnuson Park

6500 Sand Point Way Northeast

Seattle, WA 98115


Casual car show, meet, hangout, and BBQ


No fee, no prizes, no waiting in line! Bring your Datsun or Nissan and stop by north parking lot at 12:00 noon on Sunday. Bring food too!


There are multiple entrances to the park. The address you find online will vary from what I listed here but it will get you to the same general area.

I think the entrance at NE 65th street is the most direct and easiest path to follow.