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Looking for a parking space or car storage in WA

29 November 2016 - 08:14 AM

I have a 280ZX turbo car currently stored in Oregon. My storage time down there is running to an end and I'd like to bring it up here to Washington.


My plan is to use the turbo engine in a 240Z but if that doesn't work out, I would just sell the 280ZX turbo. I do not yet own a 240Z for the swap.


I'm currently trying to buy a house with a garage but at this time I'm not certain that will work out. I jumped the gun and already bought the turbo Z due to the low price.


If anyone who already knows me has a space I could rent, let me know. Private message is OK.



The car I'm hoping to store is complete but is titled as salvage (totaled and paid by insurance) so it has expired tags and can not get current tags without a DOT inspection. That would of course mean it has to be running good and on the road first. That is not going to happen. Public Storage places and similar businesses require vehicles stored to have current tags and local license plates. This has blocked me from using those resources.