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Turbo SR Using Nitrous To Fill In Lag.

24 November 2016 - 01:15 PM

These Canadian guys are using nitrous to supplement low end troque effectively eliminating turbo lag. The dyno graphs are REALLY impressive. They are almost doubling bottom end torque from 117 to over 200 ft lbs at 2500 rpm. That's V8 numbers. I have zero experience with nitrous and any ill effects it has, but if it's shutting down at 4500 rpm once the turbo takes over, I would imagine it produces much less stress than using it at the top end of the power curve like drag guys. 


Any feed back or thoughts would be appreciated.


Grub Hub

22 September 2016 - 01:02 PM

We need a place to share food formulas... Okay recipes if you want a formal label, but let's face it, cooking is a supremely subjective science so for me, a "recipe" is nothing more than a starting point. For others, it's a sacred path to recreate perfection, or a way to reconnect with a memory. Kind of like Datsun modifiers vs. restorers, it's your dinner, you make it the way you like it.  

Puffs of white smoke after hard acceleration : (

17 July 2016 - 12:31 PM

My car is an SR20 510 with a Garett GT3071r boosted to 15 psi. I just changed the head gasket (metal Tomei) and the cylinder walls looked clean with fresh honed. We Shot some video of the car today and the chase car said there were puffs of white smoke under high boost. There was a noticeable smell in the cab as well. At this point I'm not sure if it's coming from the exhaust, or under the hood, but if it smelled like that in the cab, I'm leaning towards something in the engine bay. I looked under the hood and saw nothing out of the ordinary. The oil is clean as is the coolant. 


There are two possibilities I can think of, other that oil in the cylinder. Bryan Rebello (the tuner) said he has the fuel mixture very rich, so could be the unburned mixture being flushed on deceleration. It's running on e85 right now, and we filled up at a garage in San Jose we'd never been to before, so maybe the fuel is stale. It could also be wheel spin. The car was being driven by the producer and he wasn't used controlling that much power in a light little car. 


Does anyone else have ideas on what I might check/suspect?