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Astonished by the mad torrent of bovine scatology flowing out of the House of reps tonight. Does anybody really believe the government shutdown over the SPENDING bill was predicated on immigration issues? Give me a f'n break, Trump, Dems, Reps, and the entire Washington establishment couldn't give a flying fart about illegal aliens, but they sure as hell know how to use them as a political smoke screen. 

In Topic: Cuz Merica

Yesterday, 12:07 PM

The media is our enemy as proven by Wikileaks release of Podesta emails.


Than why are we quoting the enemy all the time as though it validates our opinion?


Taking responsibility for our beliefs as individuals, and thinking for ourselves is damn hard, and in a scary complex and always changing world we are all looking for a sense of security. it's just easier to join a tribal world view, a.k.a. a political party and be told what it all means, how to think, and what to do about it. Surrendering to an implicit bias creates cognitive dependance and learned helplessness similar to what keeps people in abusive relationships. 


Knowledge is power, and our mass media monopolies strive to keep Americans among the weakest people on the planet. Proven by the 2016 election and the crazy bias shit pouring out of the media ever since. I've never seen two more divergent manufactured realities as Democrats and Republicans.



God Bless The Livestock 



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