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In Topic: Cuz butthurt...now with added dickbees.

20 April 2018 - 08:22 PM

fucking RW :lol:

Really Ko?

I’ll get over it, though, I hope this is more a tongue in cheek statement? :)

In Topic: INSMNCS: Bird.

05 April 2018 - 02:37 AM

I miss Cuz

Create a new thread then!

In Topic: Cuz butthurt...now with added dickbees.

05 April 2018 - 01:38 AM

I understand RW wanting to shut his thread down, and Mike has the choice not to show tact in how that was done. As contentious as it may seem to our fellow ex British colony brothers, Cuz had become an unlikely community of decidedly unlike minded people. To suggest we can find other places on the internet to air our differences shows either profound ignorance, or total disregard for what Cuz means to the members who occupied it.
There is a fine line between passion and aggression, and we all know that line was crossed more than a few times. Lets face it though, we all came to Cuz with our own political opinion and agenda, including RW and Mike, so it's actually astonishing it didn't implode inside of a week. I believe the glue that held it together was our shared love Datsuns. As big a dick I thought someone was for talking shit about this issue or that, I knew he couldn't be all bad because he had a Dat, and usually a build thread to go with it. I'm active on other political forums, but they're either like minded people preaching to each other, or it's a total mess. As F'ed up as our media is, it's no surprise our country is divided. I defy anyone to show me any site where this level of difference can coexist and debate current political events. In all reality, we've invested a great deal of trust in each other to be able to do that. More important, I think what's happening on Cuz is exactly what this country needs.
Again, if Mike and RW feel it needs to be shut down, that's their decision and I'll live with it. I don't give a shit if Ratsun isn't a democracy though, shutting down the most active thread on your site without notice or explanation isn't strong or honorable, it's weak sauce.

Nobody but me asked for Cuz to be shutdown Ron..

Pm me and I’m happy to provide my reasons; please leave Mike out of the equation; despite my (at times) publically and private dislike of some of his decisions, he’s acted with integrity, pragmatism, and a sense of doing the right thing, and I fully support his actions to honour, what was from me, a very humble and heartfelt request.

If people are that bummed out about Cuz being locked, start your own similar thread!

I’m always happy to discuss things via pm.

Regards to all.

In Topic: Cuz butthurt...now with added dickbees.

05 April 2018 - 01:32 AM

RW stirred it up and dropped the mike. I mean mic.
RW Troll level: Expert

I’m disappointed you said this dude.

Read my pm to you please.

In Topic: Cuz Merica

04 April 2018 - 02:00 AM

Boy ! Did the two of you screw this up !  SHE was after her ex boy friend as of the latest guesstimates .  Don't you fools have access to the latest news [as screwed up as it is] ?  Even the nightly news in [of all places] Los Angeles has the full details .  Wake up and look somewhere else than the screwed up "real news" idiots on the internet !

^^^ Well put Mike, I rest my case!

It appears to me that the average American citizen just doesn’t get it.

I’m at the point now (not that anyone on Ratsun will give a fuck) of doing a Smoke and disappearing.

Twenty seven thousand + posts........ and still........ by everyone.

Anyone who wants to converse with me; send me a pm.

I’ll be asking Datsun Mike to lock this thread; anyone who wants to revive it; off you go!