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Yesterday, 07:51 PM

The more I look at that carb adapter-adapter we built, the more I want to put extraneous wires, and hoses, and people, and motors, and shit on it so folks will go, "What the actual fuck IS that?"

Or machine fins in it for cool cooling factor

In Topic: '81 210 sedan Project, aka Joel

Yesterday, 01:57 PM

Matter of fact I don't like mine now, you suck

In Topic: '81 210 sedan Project, aka Joel

Yesterday, 01:46 PM







Those are very cool, I like them better than my 14x7 Ansen Cross Wire Mags.

I really should get my hubs drilled to 114.3 for much better selection 



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Yesterday, 11:41 AM

It also says "15 meters" at the top of the target, which means that target was only about 50' from the shooter, if that was with a rifle someone should take that uniform away and send that kid to itt tech.

So now you're asking us to read it thoroughly before responding and not just look at the pictures


I already have a job

In Topic: '81 210 sedan Project, aka Joel

Yesterday, 08:18 AM

I get that, but I really want something more 80s for this car.   ^_^


I have a deal working for some 14x7 mesh wheels I may use. We shall see...

JDM or Appliance?