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D.I.Y. How to ka24de a 521.

14 December 2016 - 10:25 PM

So to end all the questions. "which i know more will still be asked cause people don't like to freggin read." el oh el.

24002189987_2f28f53bb3_b.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 001 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

well to start of you need a 521 1969.5-1972. that came with the l series for this write up to help you out.
if you have a j series.....ehhhhh you're shit outta luck but this may still help.

second you'll need a 1991-1998 nissan 240sx ka24de engine set mated to a 240sx 5 speed transmission.

no the frontier ka24de engine will not work as easily. it is a rear sump oil pan and it is not interchangeable with the 240sx pan and pickup tube.

no i don't know if any other trans will work with the info im giving.

no you don't need to cut into the trans tunnel for it to fit.

no there is no fabricating to make it fit.

yes it will drop in with the trans mated to the engine but you will need to remove the crank pulley, alt and water pump.

to avoid any hassle sitting the transmission in its place undo your torsion bolts as far back as you can then set back in after your done.

so parts list.

ka24de 240sx motor set

engine bracket kit from blackmarkit; http://www.blackmarkitinnovations.com/
oem 521 engine mounts will be reused.

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24002717047_d9f323e026_b.jpg20150812_003144 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

24002720927_9f28ccf3ca_b.jpg20150812_003154 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

TIP!!! when dropping in bolt the motor mounts to the engine gives another inch of
clearance when setting in place then carefully bolt it into its place.

24996059148_4d8bd06c5e_b.jpg20170313_201308 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

24002728727_d32ecceff3_b.jpg20170313_201318 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

38867600951_c80f08dceb_b.jpg20170313_201326 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

trans mount from energy suspension part # 3-1108r

24995301368_01bbe5c705.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 007 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

to fit oem radiator you need upper hose part #d71236

38867071571_ff5e3f0fb2.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 012 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

lower hose is oem.

I recommend a aluminum radiator upgrade to help with cooling. ebay ones work great.
521 shares radiators with the 510 to make it easier.

also recommend an aftermarket temp gauge. "i don't trust oem temp gauge never have."
buy a autometer temp gauge and a mishimoto water temp adapter part # mmwhs-38-bk ******don't forget to ground it.*****


38836875672_7723d467df.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 008 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

you can go my way and get a custom radiator built 24.5" wide 16" tall 3 row cross flow design
with both hose in and out on the passenger side and use the stock 240sx hoses to fit.

38867073241_d38923a87e_b.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 009 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

27090682549_5041e129a4_b.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 010 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

a custom 1 piece driveshaft needs to be measured to fit your truck. average is about 51" inches.
"some trucks depending on height or suspension setup will affect this."

38837472592_ccfff483c2_b.jpg2017-12-06_12-17-16 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

wiring; icehouse member on here makes a great product to make it a almost plug and play setup with his canam box. comes with full how to tie it in to the harness.


Custom wiring done by
"J's wire technologies"
Located in modesto ca.
Phone # 4088911336
$300 for regular loom
$350 for higher grade mesh loom. Looks much nicer like pictured.

34091969636_5f7ed21fba_z.jpg2017-04-18_10-13-36 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

buy 1 or 2 12" fans and place them where you like. pull push your choice.

24002187237_290c177a13_z.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 011 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

to do a single belt setup.
use a single cam ka water pump pulley, alt bracket, thermostat water neck housing, (and belt to fit will update later with part #.)

24002186407_4ce67f959b_b.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 014 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

get an egr delete kit. usually cheap.


24002188997_596afdbf1b.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 006 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

for the intake you'll need 2 3" 90 degree elbows from autozone


37980507775_d923ce2150.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 018 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

2 pieces of 3" piping for the intake and a filter of your choice.
don't forget to connect the hose from the throttle body to the intake or it wont idle

38836873632_abcece1593_b.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 020 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

remove all but 1 vacuum to the fuel pressure regulator.

use a walboro 255 in line fuel pump it works or a 280zx fuel pump works to "i think"

24002189177_fc9c1e28cd_b.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 005 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

water routing will be your deal i ran almost none no heater nothing so i got no tips.

there is an orange wire that ties into the starter signal.....dont forget to wire it in lol.

for exhaust you can use the stock manifold you can get a manifold flange collector made by erich paul
at japan automotive engineering and take it to put on at a shop to be routed around the e-bake and torsion bars

38836873022_d1af16a16a_b.jpgKonig209 521 KA24DE Swap 021 by Carlos Ortiz, on Flickr

for the alt wiring unplug your voltage regulator and make 2 jumpers.
jump white to yellow and red/white to white black


i will update as needed.

now do it and go roast some tires!!!!

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