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In Topic: Gas Flow Problem 620

Yesterday, 08:44 AM

I'm going to check the top of the cores as you suggest. Might need a good flushing.


Yesterday, 08:31 AM

This is my 620, I'd like to either Blackout or Whiteout the DATSUN on the tailgate and add the Bumperettes.




I found another photo online but I want to position mine closer to the tail-lights (Not sticking out so Much)



In Topic: Gas Flow Problem 620

Yesterday, 04:27 AM

I drove the 620 all day yesterday all most 100 miles. It was 90 degrees here in Ohio yesterday and I did a lot of stop and go traffic so ran a little warm at times. I noticed the temp gage running a little past midway at times but it ran great. 


I let it set 4 hours and checked the carb. Dry as a bone. The fuel filter was full. 

I checked it this morning fuel filter wasn't full,  down about a quarter of an inch.  The carb still had gas, maybe down a little but close to the Dot.

I'd say that is probably normal levels ?


I did gas it up yesterday almost to full tank. The tank is a little above half full right now. 


I'll check it when I get home from work today after setting 24 hours.

In Topic: Gas Flow Problem 620

19 July 2017 - 10:22 AM

OK, I'm on it.

Here's a pic of my old carb. Thought I'd use it for reference.




The fuel filter was empty and fuel bowl low today. Had enough gas to start, it picked up the gas from the tank quick and filed filter and bowl so I let it run ten minutes.

Checked the Jet covers and bowl cover after setting fifteen minutes. Everything dry as a bone.


Right Jet:





Left Jet in the mirror.





I was able to get a look of both jet covers and bottom of bowl after removing a hose.




So I guess that eliminates Jet/jet covers and bowl gasket/seal.


You say the fuel pump has a check valve to prevent back flow to the tank. It has to the problem.(A BAD new pump)

But there does have to be a way of it getting air to allow it to back flow, right...

In Topic: Gas Flow Problem 620

18 July 2017 - 05:49 AM

Ok I took some pictures, I know pictures are worth a thousand words.

Last nite after setting 24 hours, Fuel Filter empty and carb very low (Fuel at bottom of window).





Here's the fuel lines and filter:





It started right up and ran fine. Here's the gas level running:






I let it run 15 minutes and then checked it 1 hour later, fuel filter full and carb on the Dot. Everything dry.


Checked it this morning after setting overnite, fuel filter empty. Didn't check carb I had put things back and was heading out for work. I'm thinking the bowl will low.


This is just an over view of the engine bay:





Carb view:





Over-view of fuel filter and lines:




Never know what you might see....