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In Topic: SE-R-enity: The Shittier Skyrine

17 July 2017 - 12:30 AM

Needs exhaust cannon and moar low!


Sooon... Lows are on their way, exhaust will wait until I get the 510 back on the road with it's new exhaust.

In Topic: SE-R-enity: The Shittier Skyrine

15 July 2017 - 07:06 PM

Decided Serenity deserved some real photos that didn't come from a phone. 


35817335791_67b879670c_k.jpgIMG_5074 by Matthew Dockery, on Flickr


35778996792_e55130a56c_k.jpgIMG_5070 by Matthew Dockery, on Flickr


35561015800_2da394d5ec_k.jpgIMG_5073 by Matthew Dockery, on Flickr

In Topic: CANBY 2017 IT WILL BEE fun 'n stuff

03 July 2017 - 06:45 PM

So while you guys were all sucking each others dicks over who made the best "Canby video" ,,, i went ahead and published mine..


Now take a look  at some real film making ,,,


  Bananahamuck productions in cooperation with Who farted LLC.  presents


ME walking the fuck around





You're welcome




The muffled burp at about the 2 minute mark really brought me back to Canby in my head.  :rofl:

In Topic: H190 Differentials (w/Pictures)

29 June 2017 - 08:45 PM

A LSD diff that bolts into the housing for your wagon is not that hard to find, the down side is plan on paying $1200-$1500 for one. I found a deal on one for the 1200 coupe I race and it was still $1200. You can try roadster sites like 311s.org etc. there's lots of info on the net about swapping side gear on the truck diff.

I'd strongly encourage you to do you're research. The prices for the 23 spline diffs are getting steep and replacement parts getting scarce. If you have acces to a diff shop that does work for reasonable prices (read takes pity on poor Datsun guys) than having the truck axles redrilled for the bolt pattern you need may be an option.

The days of $600 units are gone..........sigh.


I've been hunting for a way to avoid needing to find a competition roadster diff. I think the truck axles sound interesting, just concerned about what gears I could find and what the actual LSD's break away point it like. I autocross, so I'd like it to actually be kind of low, probably lower than what the trucks were built with. 


I'm looking -- at the same time as searching for a Nissan unit -- at other options like RX7 axles (first gen GSL-E) and Corolla GTS units (AE86). Both of those have more "reliable" availability since you can search for specific years and trims to get the axles. Downside is they're both small, I believe the Mazda is a 7" housing and the Toyota is a 6.75" or something like that. 


While I only make about 140hp right now, I'm probably going to three link this axle once I find it and so I would like the unit to be strong enough to take around 250-300hp, if I ever feel like getting there. However, anything American or the H-233 (I suspect) will be HEAVY, which I would really like to avoid -- add lightness and all that.

In Topic: CANBY 2017 IT WILL BEE fun 'n stuff

28 June 2017 - 10:51 PM

Heres another CANBY Video  Done by DatsunCrush.   He should do them all.  No offense Bleach