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Bluebirds for Sale

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Posted 28 April 2018 - 08:55 PM

white 1971 1800SSS Bluebird coupe  1,350,000 Yen  (That's about $12,000 BIN folks!)




510 Restore base prompt decision icon_s16.gific_9008.gif comment
It is the restore base of the rare 1800 SSS coupe now.
Since there are a lot of body sabir holes, the engine, and the crank do not turn around, it was unloaded, disassembled, checked. It was a sticking of the piston ring. Honing the cylinder lightly
I also bought a piston ring. It was standard. We will give you oversize piston as well.
The front and rear bumpers were torn so they threw it away. The seat of the rear seat is missing.
Although it is unknown because there is no record list etc. although it is a mileage meter 9840 kilos, it is probably because it is expelled in Showa 59 years.
There are also many new parts such as brakes and clutches.
Although it is different from the engine, there are no missing items, there are a lot of body sabi holes, but I think that it is not so terrible as to be impossible to restore.

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Posted 28 April 2018 - 09:05 PM

white 1969 Bluebird SSS 4dr  2,592,000 Yen




Nissan Blue Bird 4 Door 1600 SSS Early Type Normal Car







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Posted 01 May 2018 - 08:30 PM

white 1969 1600 SSS Bluebird Coupe  1,500,000 Yen at the moment




Datsun Bluebird Coupe SSS KP 510 One owner Long term garage storage temporary erase written attachment! At that time Hakosuka Ken Merry S 30 icon_s16.gif comment
· One owner After concluding the era of Showa 52 years concrete floor with shutter Garage storage
Model designation number 2318 Classification division number 140
· After 2 years of purchase, we will remain unregistered and keep it for 2 years with image garage
· Us unplayed
· Leather top, cooler and other rare option parts at the time Many equipment
· The engine starts with a single cell but it can move inside the premises with low gear, but the brake is coming off W

(Added 9:24 on May 1, 2018)
· The previous owner replaced the twin cab with a single cab at that time with things that it was difficult to get on
· Although there are genuine twin cabs removed, the air cleaner box is a missing item
· Four wheel cap missing items
· Since basic company external parts can not be trusted, genuine parts' s Desi rotator & cap, all plug cords replaced NGK plugs 4 newly replaced
· Other genuine parts (not replaced) radiator hose top and bottom, 2 heater hoses, fuel filter, oil element, Sir also Stat, rear brake cylinder 2 others
· With fuel tank purchased for spare use at this auction

(Added at 17:51 on May 1, 2018)
· I answered with question 3 · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· ① Cooler ② Leather top ③ Dynamic front grille ④ Fog lamp ⑤ Hamming signal ⑥ Auto antenna ⑦ Rear mirror black painted ⑧ Headrest 2
⑨ Side visor
- The above is genuine optional parts at that time, when the thing described in the vehicle delivery note at that time and the actual thing were matched. Although there is description of direction indicator with music box, I did not understand www
· It seems that it was luxurious equipment as then in 1964. Whether such vehicles will come out in the future? How about 510 mania?

(Added at 17:57 on May 1, 2018)
· The oil that I exchanged yesterday is 15w50 of 100% mineral oil made by Kandol, a commitment. Even if you make a mistake, chemical synthetic 100% or semi-synthetic synthetic oil is not used.

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Posted 01 May 2018 - 08:37 PM

silver 1968 Bluebird SSS  51,000 Yen




Only one photo.  At only $500 US it could be well worth the risk for a SSS car if indeed it is one!  I'm only guessing by the mirrors but the grill has been swapped so who knows what else.


Initial type Blue Bird 510 icon_s16.gif


Description of item


42 year 510 Blue Bird
Engine, mission, interior are not included because they are all removable
Fender beating out Lowdown External aluminum F grill R body with tail will be vehicle body listing
There is a rare initial type temporary deletion registration certificate Please finish with restore
* After it makes a successful bid, I need your help by NC, NR









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Posted 05 May 2018 - 10:39 AM

Blue 1970 2dr Bluebird $25,508


Listed as having L13 but with floor shift, dual carbs, and SSS dash.  Tasteful upgrades on a rare car in Japan.











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Posted 05 May 2018 - 10:47 AM

Red and White 1971 1800SSS Coupe 500,000 Yen opening bid, 3,300,000 Yen BIN




Too bad about the ride height...








Offered again at a significantly lower price.






Interior picture added.



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Posted 07 May 2018 - 11:03 AM

Red 1971 Bluebird 1800SSS Coupe  2,800,000 Yen




Bluebird 510SSS coupe highest grade 1800cc power steat attaching Datsun icon_s16.gifcomment

It will be 45 years Blue Bird 510 SSS Coupe.
It is the highest grade of 1800 cc.
I will describe where I purchased and replaced.
Since I am using it for commuting every day for about 8 years in new goods exchange, please understand that it is not the same as a new one.
Front bumper new goods exchange.
The grill is changed to the late grill.
Engine block new goods exchange.
Turn indicator front, side New article exchange.
Headlight new article exchange.
Fender mirror new goods exchange.
Heater rebuilt goods exchange.
Front fender FRP new article exchange. (Because it was dented in the parking lot)
Recaro sheet Fairlady Z think that it was genuine.
Only the horn part of Datsun competition handle is replaced with new one. The handle becomes the thing of the time.
Fuel pump new article exchange.
Radiator aluminum 3 layer new goods exchange. (It was a new purchase, but there are some leaks)
Bezel new article exchange.
Fuse BOX New article exchange.
Relay relation New article exchange.
Clutch master new goods exchange.
Master back new article exchange (for Kenmeli).
Light ring brand new exchange.
Door knob New article exchange.
Floor carpet brand new exchange.
Grill mall new goods exchange.
Suspension urethane bushings New article exchange.
Rear seat sponge exchange.
Silicon radiator hose new article exchange.
Window handle New article exchange.
Heater hose new article exchange.
Rear grille mall new article exchange.
Door knob New article exchange.
Alternator new goods exchange.
General purpose shroud installation.
Starter rebuilt goods exchange.
Front pillow upper installation.
In addition, there is exchange.
Mileage is unknown, but since it is used for commuting every day, it will increase in the future as well.
Since it was a car covered in a blanket in the warehouse at the time of purchase, there are only a few rusts.
There are also precious wipers with wings.
Interior is also beautiful.
The heat ray of the rear glass will also work.
The national speaker at that time is also active.
Because it has power steering, parking lot is easy.
Currently there are times when rain is entering the front floor due to slight leakage of radiator liquid, auto lock failure, rain in the pouring rain. Although the navigation, the television, and the DVD function also have a deck, the screen no longer appears. I hear the sound, so I listen to the CD.
There is a spare new article also for auto lock.
We have front and rear weather strips as well.
It is not overseas goods which cracks in one year which is selling recently.
It is an item to make 100,000 before and after. (Purchased with refresh 60)
Cancellation after it makes a successful bid receives 3024 yen for the exhibition.
I can respond to things that have memories, but I think that it was better to check the current car.
I think it will be convincing.
Because it is individual sale, I need your help by a lump sum payment.
After confirming payment, we will change name etc.
I think that you can send the documents first.
Delivery of the vehicle is saved when you come and get it.
In the case of shipping hope, please arrange by yourself.
Since it is an old car, we will not accept complaints of trouble after handover.
As it will be delivered the current situation, only those who can understand please bid.
Thank you.







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Posted 18 May 2018 - 04:55 PM

White 1970 SSS Bluebird Coupe 2,850,000 Yen




Nissan Blue Bird 510 Reform SSS Solex Semilessed Tako Foot Muffler Flowing Winker

510SSS Solex semi-less finished octopus car harmonic flower blinker trial run completed Separately custom OH running video available











Now on Yahoo Japan  2,000,000 Yen opening bid




★ Videos included ★ Rare ☆ 彡 510 Blue Bird ★ Coupe ★ SSS ★ Solex ★ Super rare! Flowing winker tail ★ Tako feet ★ Restored ★ Car harmonic ★ Old car icon_s16.gif

Thank you for seeing it!

Extremely rare vehicle release! ! The Special Event! !

★ 510 Blue Bird Coupe ★

Super rare, two door coupe! !

Moreover, the tail where raging rhea flows! !

In addition, Solex, Octopus legs, Muffler! !

Come, please watch a video! !

* 1600 SSS
* Restored
* Solex
* Flowing turn signal tail
* Vehicle height adjustment front
* Down Suslia
* Tako foot muffler
* Work Equipment
* Tower bar
* Below finished finish
* Flutter
* There is a running video!

note! Be sure to read until the very end! !

★ 510 Blue Bird ★
Click here,
You can see actual driving videos!

Rare flowing winker tail! ! !

Engine room finished already!
Each institution has been checked!

★ Because it is an old car please run unknown for just in case!

I finished it beautifully with restoration done!


It is finished below the bottom!
The degree of exterior is better than the year!

Special sale is underway so we will calculate according to your budget! !
As much as possible! ! Do not miss it! ! !

Caution! !

Please question only where you are concerned about the current car.

Since each function has already been confirmed, it is described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rustic question

I think there are some rust, but I think that it is good subjectivity although it is personal subjectivity.

Engine system

Solex, tako foot muffler, fluffy!
Engine room cleaned and finished neatly!

Mission system

There was no mission entry or clutch abnormality during test drive!

Brake system

There was no abnormality in normal driving!

Separately, OH etc are also accepted!

It is a view of our confirmation to the last.
Other current present condition super. Please.
Since there are individual differences in views, there are cases where improvement is necessary, so please understand.

To the last, only those who can understand American car, old car please.
Present condition priority, no claim, no return, please adhere strictly.

The pick up in self-running is the risk of the highest bidder.

It is possible to land all over the country. Quotation to the question column.

We recommend you check the current car as much as possible!

If you can not check the current car,
Beforehand, please be sure to check the contents.
For images, movies, etc. We will correspond sincerely sincerely, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please follow no claim after purchasing on that.

Name change., For trouble prevention on our side. Separate substitution do.
Since the amount of money varies depending on each prefecture, please inquire in advance.

Direct dealings, discount negotiation big welcome ^ ^ It is first come, first serve.

Depending on negotiation,
End early!

Preliminary inspection is also available separately ~! Please contact us!

Preview warm welcome! !

In advance from the question column, please be sure to make a reservation ^ ^

★ Please be sure to read notes before bidding ★

Worth a visit! On this occasion, please consider it!

★★ Discount negotiation, please be sure to read before bidding! ★ ★

! ! ! Caution! ! !

There are so many mischievous successful bids! !

To prevent mischief bidding, the lowest bid price is

Since it has been set as an odd amount of money,

Inquiries of the lowest bid price,

I hope in the question column.

Immediately after that,

"No contact"

"I want to cancel because I made a mistake"

"I did not buy it"


Because there is a lot of mischievous damage of heartless one,

In case of immediate drop, please be sure to drop in hope to the question column, please contact us.

Even if it is instantly dropped without any inquiries,

Please understand we will refuse with the highest bidder convenience.

Also, please never bid those who fall under the following contents.

@ Who can not pay. (Please consult beforehand such as loan)

@ Surrogate Successful bidder.

@ Those who do not understand the old car well.

@ Nervous one

In case of those corresponding to above, please understand that it deletes with the highest bidder convenience even if you make a bid.

Item Description Detailed, inquiries about contents,
Image exchange and so on,

To this place,


Thank you for your subject.

  Description of item            





Check out that flowing winker tail!!!



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Posted 19 May 2018 - 05:45 PM

Green 1971 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe  Currently 881,000 Yen




Nissan Blue Bird 510 Old car icon_s16.gif comment
1800 coupe 4 speed couler attaching normal. Rust corruption equipped. Restoration. How about you ?? vehicle inspection "shaken". 29 year8 month out .... document one o'clock registration registration becomes. No claim no return. Please do present condition normal running .. present twin cab ..
Jeff, they already swapped out the mirrors for you!  What are you waiting for?  :poke:

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Posted 19 May 2018 - 05:54 PM

Blue 1970 1600 Bluebird 4dr  Currently 100,500 Yen




★ 44 year P 510 - 1.6 L ★ Hakosuka S 30 Ken Meri Japan BUTTERKETS Savannah Levin Treno Celica Cherry Sunny Lowback ★ icon_s16.gific_9008.gific_9022.gif comment
★ I think that it is a bargain because I am investing a lot of money in the refurbishment for running at L1 L. 8 rebuild 2 L · low back 5 speed mission · 180 LSD defro · SUV surround Japan etc.
★ Since I am refurbishing the top-of-the-line car of the 44 years type 1600 cc which I was still working hard at the moment, the frame and exterior interior are still cool and still cracks such as dash are pear ★
★ Heisei Heisei (It changes to the era) There is until January 29th 32 ★
★ About 3 years ago I made L18 reform 2 liters (Measurement is not done, but feeling over 160 Hp / 18 kgf / more) or not. After building this engine and running it runs for about 3500 km (car verification remains at L1.6, not an official vehicle) ★
★ I think that the original color is silver. Blue paint is all paint with the engine desorbed, but since it will be over 10 years ago, there is Yale. Madamada glossy is present and appearance is good ★
★ Institution's remodel option is machining cam 72 ° · crankful full balancing · piston incorporates Nissan Prairie 2L genuine products · valve spring incorporates reinforced items · including detailed parts such as Solex etc. Details can not be written out And parts necessary for tuning are assembled ★
★ Naturally, it is summarized by the barnacle of the tako foot straight ★
★ It is safe for the time being because overhauled around brake and clutch relation ★
★ There is no race article processing attachment such as roll bar at all ★
★ As lightweight 930 kg and L2.0 are revised, there is torque and you can run comfortably fun as fun as you can, Rev is relaxingly releasing the accelerator at 7000 rpm or shifting up (it stops for the body though it will swirl more than that)
★ 14 inch work spoke 6 J or 13 inch speed star M Ⅱ front 7.5 J rear 8. 0 J can be selected. We will talk about those who want both ( prompt decision inquiries possible) ★
★ The mission is unusual 48-year Violet SSS Low Back 5 Speed ​​Mission +180 with Def LSD ★
★ Although it is assembled with outside car parts, the front is Japan Strut Reforming, the rear is set at the 8th step TRD of shock 86, reinforced spring maker unknown Spring cut, washer type car harmonic ★
★ I am looking forward to going to the pass and there is also the effect of LSD, I am enjoying while lightly hitting the butt with a delicate tire. Well ~ Egn sound and gear sound is Van Huen · Gashan · Van · Hum · Gashan · · · Mechanical music sound is fun ★
★ I would like to hand over to those who are willing to understand the individual who tuned the older car of this hand though it is hopeful. Amateur against old car I feel like I can not get used to Solex cab feeling unfamiliar ★
★ Enjoying the old car Sunday race with this shape as it is, well, I think that it is a good vehicle to buy as a race base vehicle and remodel it and look at the garage
★ The range to be understood is described in the text but it can not explain the invisible places and the past career so we will prioritize the confirmation of the current car condition in any case like no misunderstanding such as misunderstanding, no claim no return · Please observe no cancellation ★
★ Please note that we ask you to change your name within 3 weeks after handover and we may ask you to deposit 50,000 yen deposit (consultation) ___ ___ 0
★ If you are new, those with 4 or more bad evaluations, those with a good evaluation less than 50, those who do not have anything to do with car bike relationships or who are earning a rating on a small deal are canceled . Please be advised that you first introduce yourself in the question column, please describe your e-mail address, since we will reply in private, so please be patient. Over the past 3 years black list registrants have already over 100 people. I think that some of you may have questions or bidding restrictions but I am sorry

(Added 22:50 on May 19, 2018)
Since various photos are pasted on Minkara " Bluebird " of " https://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/675303/car/ " , please visit those who want to see various photos.









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Posted Yesterday, 10:23 AM

Silver 1969 1600DX 4dr Bluebird   1,500,000 Yen




Nissan Blue Bird column MT Deluxe all painted aluminum