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Anyone want to buy new 320 vent window rubbers?

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Posted 18 December 2017 - 08:01 PM

Wayno - I had a simple rule at my wedding that unless you are paying for it you don't get to push your opinion. Same reason why I don't take 'investment' from others on projects I am not making money on! I'm 90% certain I have dealt with your mate's mate. He is well known in other manufacturer club circles for helping to produce a part at your expense, only to have it turn up en masse at a cheaper price. Shame...as he clearly has the bandwidth and contacts to make it happen.


320 Newb - I'm a firm believer to hold the applause until the act finishes, you never know whats coming!! 


I've said it before - I'm confident in getting a result, its the time it'll take given the priority of this that's in doubt!!

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Posted 18 December 2017 - 08:30 PM

I suspect we are talking about the same guy, some of the best reproduction rubber parts out there, then they show up on ebay in the US for half the price.


Here is most of my post earlier in this thread(post 98) below.




I actually got a quote from a guy for 320 wingwindow molds a couple days ago, then I asked a friend of mine over in Australia about the guy, this is what I received from him, I am going to change the name of the company/person right now, I will refer to him as "THE GUY", it's not likely that I will be sending money to THE GUY to have molds made, if he is selling finished parts on ebay, I will buy them just like everyone else, but I am not paying for molds.


G'day Wayne,

                      Mate........................BIG story. I'll just give you the highlights. Now alot of this story has nothing to do with me.  But this guy THE GUY has around $4000 worth of stainless mouldings for my Monaro, and i will never get it back.
OK, so the story goes that this guy THE GUY was doing repro rubber parts for Japanese cars, and good quality stuff too. He was getting them done in Thailand.  
Now these guys in Thailand are also doing repro stuff for other people, including car panels for U.S. cars like Camaro's etc and selling to a particular guy in the states. 
The story goes, someone in the states got onto the guys in Thailand, and paid big money to make tooling for these parts. In return, they were to be the sole supplier of said parts, but.......... the guys in Thailand are dishonest, and sold some of this stuff to THE GUY "out the back door" 
Shame on them for selling someone else's product, 
and shame on THE GUY for doing the deal with them.
So then THE GUY says to the guys in Thailand, i want a heap of early Holden parts reproduced, how about you do them for me?  Of course the guys in Thailand say "sure, you pay for the tooling and we will do it."
So they start off small and he gets some good parts, gets them into Australia and he is the sole supplier of these parts.  More and more tooling gets made and paid for, more and more parts are coming in, THE GUY is making a killing.
So guess what happens!!!!!
Some guys in Australia go to the same back door that THE GUY went to, and THEY start buying repro Holden parts from Thailand.
So THE GUY is now on the receiving end of losing out. He gets the legal stuff happening, and that is where it is at right now.
How do i know all of this i hear you ask.....
Well, a while ago i find a HQ Holden Monaro coupe.  Has all this good stuff with it, but the body is in a panel shop, the upholstery is at the trimmers, and the stainless mouldings are at a reputable dealers place. I visit all of these places to inspect all of the items that belong to the car. So the guy that has the stainless says,"no worries, your stainless is at THE GUYS place, we just need to get it back here" It's all reconditioned ready to put on.
So i buy the car, do the rounds to pick up all of the parts for my car, but THE GUY hasn't got the stainless at his shop, he has sent them to Thailand to be used for templates.
OK, so i want my parts please i  say.  "Well, about that, he says, i can't get them for you as all of this shit is going on right now. I acknowledge you own these parts, and i am doing my best to get them back for you but i am having trouble" 
These parts for the Monaro coupe are super hard to find, and a full set is generally worth $4000. And they don't come up very often.
So there is hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff that people like me have unwittingly loaned out that will never get it back
So, if you are asking my opinion on you doing a deal with THE GUY???? 
Buying stuff from him off ebay would be fine. But trusting this guy with $3000, would be like giving a fat kid the keys to a chocolate shop.
With you being in the states, he would have no reason to honor anything for you, because you will never come to Australia to retrieve $3K. 
I think you are most likely in a very hard spot, especially since you are overseas.
If i can help in any way just ask, it is no problem.



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Posted 27 December 2017 - 03:00 AM

I would be interested in one or two sets, ie one for sure and a second depending on the price..........ooppps, should have read the entire thread before posting
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