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Events for August 27, 2017

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----- Datsuns Around Bend 2017
By 510BendOr


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Datsuns Around Bend 2017 August 25th-27th Bend Oregon Contact 510bendor@gmail.com


Come join us for Datsuns Around Bend in the beautiful foothills of the Cascades under Mt Bachelor

This is a 3 day camping and driving excursion full of Datsun fun

Saturday August 26th will be the show from 11-2 for those of you making a day trip

There will be Fun Runs, Hiking trips and Exploration of the local region

Potluck on Saturday evening for those of you sticking around

price is $50 per carload for the weekend and includes camping and potluck

$10 for day of the show only

Location: https://www.google.c...1.5266687?hl=en



This years location will include camping and will be the same location for the Show

It is held in an open lot with full sun most of the day so plan accordingly

Camping will be in the adjacent wooded areas with NO FIRES! I REPEAT NO FIRES PERIOD

IF we get to have any fire there will be one designated area and that is it and it will stay to a minimum

Saturday Evening Potluck! Desert Datsuns will be providing a grill that will be running a majority of the time and will be cooking Hamburgers Hot Dogs Sausages and maybe even some other proteins like chicken or what not feel free to bring side dishes of all kinds we expect 40-60 people if not more IF you are reading this and like to plan in advance there will be an email thread at http://510bendor@gmail.com

Please RSVP here there or anywhere on social media or email @510bendor IT REALLY HELPS MAKE PLANING A SUCCESSFUL EVENT BETTER FOR EVERYONE!

You may pay in advance as well $50 per carload to 510bendor@paypal via frends and family as well this will help buy supplies for said event ahead of schedule vs last minute... but hey we,re good at last minute right...#becausedatsun

----- Billet proof drags SUNDAY AUG 27th (Mt.St. Helens)
By bananahamuck


Me , my son, and my brothers are driving our Datsuns (and maybe a Toyota) down to Riverdale Raceway in Toutle WA to the Bulletproof drags THIS SUNDAY .. It's a nostalgia drags at a very small dragstrip located on the road to Mt. St. Helens Johnston ridge observatory ... So we might leave drags about 2-3 or so and drive the rest of the way up to the mountain ( I THINK you will need to have either a WA State park pass or CASH to buy one to park) ...


$10. CASH to get into the joint,,, you park right by the track in gravel.


Info here ,, clickity clickity


It is a small 1/8th mile small track that is more of a car show than competitive drags race so you can walk around cars talking to owners and shit all day ,,,, unless of course the owner is an old prick ..


ON THE WAY BACK we are turning onto hwy 505 and going through Toledo ,, then North on Jackson Hwy for the drive,, you can go straight to freeway but it gets pretty backed northbound sometimes on Sundays


Was thinking if anyone wants to caravan we would leave here about 10: am-ish ( probably be late as usual though) :rofl:




It's a rest stop but don't get any ideas about fagging on each other cuz we just don't have time for that


Head down freeway to here
Riverdale Raceway


If you gotta bitch ,, Qtip,,, :sneaky: ,,,, thread for discuss-ting



----- All Japanese Classic
By Bleach


Waterfront Park - North Vancouver, BC Canada - 08:00am - 3:00pm
Pre-registration begins June 1 - spaces are limited: $20



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